Hamilton will take Mercedes ‘to the top’ when car is ready for F1 title fight

Hamilton will take Mercedes 'to the top' when car is ready for F1 title fight

After Verstappen suffered a slow pit stop, Hamilton was able to work his way into the lead of the race in Austin, but was unable to fend off the Red Bull driver, who made a late overtake to race to victory.

Hamilton, who labeled the Mercedes upgrade package delivered this weekend as a major performance gain, acknowledged his disappointment at missing out on a first win of the season but considered it a clear sign of progress for his team to gain motivation for the 2023 preparatory work.

“What I will take from today is that we had a good pace, I’m still here and I know that when they build the car I will take it to the top. We just have to keep working,” Hamilton said. Air sports.

“I’d like to start by thanking my team, everyone in the factory works so hard and it’s been such a difficult year for everyone.

“We came here with upgrades, they worked so hard to bring those upgrades in and it really took effect, so we were closer today. I’m really proud of everyone. Sorry I couldn’t win, I really gave it my all. “

Hamilton thought it would always be difficult to defend against Verstappen due to Red Bull’s superior straight-line speed, but still sees second place and teammate George Russell’s fifth place as good points to chase Ferrari for second place in the F1 Constructors’ World Championship.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13, Lance Stroll, Aston Martin AMR22

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

Red Bull took the F1 world constructors’ title in Austin, while Mercedes closed to 53 points behind Ferrari in second with three races to go.

“We were in the lead and I could see that he [Verstappen] closed a second a lap and I couldn’t really answer it,” added Hamilton.

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“He came back from so far on the straight, I think they’re a lot, about 6 mph faster than us on the straights, and at the end of the straight, our mirrors vibrate so much I can’t could see where he was it was hard to defend.

“I can’t put into words how much it would mean to the team [to be second in the constructors’]especially with everything that’s going on and everything that happened in the last race last year, what happened this year in terms of our car performance and what happened with all the news and everything.

“So to win would have been a huge triumph for all of us and hugely rewarding.”