Highland Park house collapses, falls on top of neighbor’s cars

Highland Park house collapses, falls on top of neighbor's cars

Arika Smith has lived in her house in Highland Park for 15 years and she watches the house next door collapse before her very eyes. Earlier this week, any support collapsed and landed on two cars.

Smith said the house has fallen to pieces and she has watched it lean towards her gate and driveway. Then, earlier this week, he broke down and landed on both her car and her daughter’s car.

“The other day he fell, he crushed my car, he crushed my daughter’s car. It’s the only transportation I have to get back and forth from the doctor,” Smith said. “Every little bump here (and) I run to the window to see if this has fallen yet.”

When the house collapsed, her cars got stuck underneath. She had to call a company to have the vehicles removed and the stones removed from her driveway. But they still fall!

Tonight on FOX 2 News at 5 p.m., we spoke to the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. What happened when we spoke to them at 5pm tonight?