How the Dodge Challenger Convertible just got easier to build with Drop Top Customs

Right side front three quarter of Dodge Challenger convertible by Drop Top Customs

The muscle car trio of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger has a rich history spanning decades of emotions and progress. However, there is something that the cleverness was missing in decades past, but not the other two – a convertible option. Since its inception, the Dodge Challenger has never been fortunate enough to have a factory-spec convertible version. Many people have modified their Challengers by removing the hardtop and making more changes to make them convertibles. Full responsibility for this lay with the owners, who themselves contacted external custom shops.

Now, Dodge has made the experience of owning a Challenger convertible a little easier. And no, Dodge won’t make it to its Brampton, Ontario plant, which currently produces other versions of the Challenger. Instead, Dodge has teamed up with Florida-based Drop Top Customs, who will work in sync with Dodge dealers and give the feel of a factory-made Challenger convertible.

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The New Partnership Between Dodge Dealers and Drop Top Customs

An official Dodge Challenger convertible will be an unrequited dream, as Dodge has confirmed that the current version of the muscle car will come to a halt next year. However, Dodge understands the desire of several Challenger admirers, who have always wanted an open-top driving experience but had to resort to illicit means.

On the first day of the three-day Dodge Speed ​​Week event at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, Dodge announced that it has officially partnered with Drop Top Customs. For those who don’t know, Drop Top Customs is the oldest convertible coachbuilder in North America. Under this new partnership, all Dodge dealers in the US will fulfill orders for Challenger convertibles.

For those wishing to own a Challenger convertible, Dodge dealers will place Challenger shipment orders from the Brampton assembly plant to Drop Top Customs. After the completion of the conversion of a Dodge Challenger to a convertibleDrop Top Customs will ship the finished product to dealers, who will then deliver the final version to the customer who ordered it.

Dodge’s intent behind choosing a custom third-party store

With this direct alliance with Drop Top Customs, Dodge is committed to a more streamlined process by reducing the time it takes between building and delivering the final product to the customer. The Dodge Challenger will see the doors next year as part of the automaker’s electrification strategy. In that regard, heavy investment for a limited number of convertibles for just a year was not a viable decision. And that encouraged Dodge to take a diversion, as there are still many people aspiring to a Challenger convertible.

According to Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO at Stellantis, a convertible version of the Challenger is nothing short of a victory lap for the muscle car’s illustrious run over all those years. The Dodge Challenger came in factory convertible versions for only two years, 1970 and 1971. After that, the muscle car always came standard with a hardtop roof.

Details of the change process

For those wanting a Challenger convertible, Dodge dealers in the US began accepting orders on August 16. However, the plan is limited to select variants, including Challenger R/T, R/T Scat Pack and all SRT models. Even the 2023 models, which will be the last in the run-up to departure, are eligible for the program.

Like all third party modification work done to date, Drop Top Customs will continue to make Challenger convertibles the same way even under this new program. These convertibles have a fully hydraulically actuated hood, which has structural reinforcements to ensure that the rigidity of the original structure is not dampened much. For excellent insulation against external noise and temperature, Drop Top Customs takes a quality-oriented approach, including a padded roof and heated rear window, keeping the cab quiet and comfortable while driving.

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The Drop Top Customs convertible top option will be offered at a retail price of $25,999, although the final price is negotiable with the dealer. Other warranty and precautionary information is available through Drop Top Customs on its website.

The Dodge Challenger had an iconic run all those decades, and the iconic muscle car is retiring next year. Generations to come will miss the outrageous performance and tough looks of the Challenger, at least in their current IC engine forms. With this decision to roll out the Challengers convertible through a third party, Dodge is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the muscle car has an iconic history with no unfulfilled ambitions.