Is ‘Electrikhana’ as good as the other Gymkhana movies? – Dirtfish

Is 'Electrikhana' as good as the other Gymkhana movies?  – Dirtfish

I’m no longer 14 years old, so things have changed – it takes a lot more to impress me. Even so, I can’t help but feel a little shorted by the latest offering. This may sound harsh, but I really don’t think it offered anything new and didn’t make the most of the aspect that was fresh: the car.

The custom Audi S1 ​​’Hoonitron’ is a beautiful piece of engineering and a sight to behold, but I haven’t watched Electrikhana and want one myself as I saw Gymkhana Five and longed for a Ford Fiesta HFHV

The elephant in the room is, of course, the electric powertrain. Whatever Hoonigan did with this, they always faced a barrage of moans from certain corners of the internet – so the entire team deserves credit for being brave enough to electric the headline act in such a viral series. to make.

But unfortunately what we saw, in my opinion, were mainly the limitations of the car rather than its strengths. There was that fast 360-degree spin — but it looked more impressive in the behind-the-scenes Instagram posts than the actual movie — and mostly it looked a bit heavy and less dynamic than previous Gymkhana star cars.

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