Join the search for the best Chevrolet C4 Corvette of the 90s

Corvette C4 Driving front side view

The Fast Lane Car check out a Chevy sports car with a $15,000 price tag, but see if they continue once they discover an accident has occurred.

Chevrolet C4 Corvettes are without a doubt cool cars. The Fast Lane Car’s YouTube Channel starts a new series, which they have dubbed From Stud to Dud. In their search for the best convertible from the 90s, they buy three drop-tops. One from Germany, one from Japan and one from America – the Corvette, which our presenters say is slightly above their $10k budget with an asking price of $15k.

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High expectations for the high price Corvette

Our presenter doesn’t like going to the dealer when he buys a used car. He explains the reason that “you always pay a premium for the car because you have to leave some money on the bone for the dealer himself.” He estimates that the Chevy Corvette C4 is worth about $9k today, but decides to check the car anyway. His reasoning is that the market is falling drastically and that it would cost the dealer more to keep the car than to sell it for a more reasonable price.

The time to buy a future classic Corvette is now

Our presenters discuss the pros and cons of buying a C4. The advantages are quite simple: it is a Corvette. The American legend has been around since the early 1950s and is part of the American dream.

The C4 is particularly important for a few reasons. It is the only model in which they have not produced a Corvette for a year. It was also the introduction of many automotive firsts such as digital instrument clusters, fuel injection, clamshell hoods, and the list goes on.

The prices do not yet reflect the “classic car” prices that the previous generation Corvette is now experiencing. The C4 is undoubtedly a future classic, but it hasn’t reached those sky-high prices yet. The downsides are that these are notoriously unreliable in the early years and this car had an accident.

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This C4 is not a great example

After a test drive and a tour of the car, the boys give their honest opinion. Despite the high expectations, they decide that even if they offered $9,000, which is less than their budget for the car, they still think it’s too high a price for a car that’s been in an accident. Many of its parts don’t work, and “hasn’t been loved enough for too long.”

And so the search continues for the 90s American convertible under $10k. Good luck guys.