Key Benefits of Electric Cars – WSOC TV

Key Benefits of Electric Cars – WSOC TV

If you’re considering making the switch from an internal combustion engine car to a fully electric car, you’re not alone. More and more customers are curious about the benefits of electric cars and whether they are worth switching in the long run. Toyota from N Charlotte is here with answers – here are the main benefits of: electric cars and why you might want to put one in YOUR driveway.

Five benefits of electric cars you should know before making a decision

Benefit #1: Lower fuel costs. If you drive an ICE (internal combustion engine) car, you have to pay for gasoline. When you drive an all-electric car, you power your car with electricity, so you pay for car charging. For the most part, it’s cheaper to power your car than it is to pay for gas at the pump (especially now). However, keep in mind that it is cheaper to charge your car at home than at a public charging station.

Benefit #2: Lower maintenance costs. Electric cars also have fewer parts under the hood than ICE cars, which means they require much less maintenance. You don’t need an oil change, transmission service, spark plug replacement, fuel pump repairs, and many other services you need for an ICE vehicle. In fact, maintenance should cost about half of what it does for a vehicle that uses gasoline.

Benefit #3: Tax Benefits. Did you know that in some states and sometimes at the federal level you can get tax breaks for driving an EV? Be sure to check the next tax season when you file your tax return or have your accountant look at it.

Benefit #4: Environmental friendliness. At some levels electric cars are also environmentally friendly. Battery production is in no way clean and non-local emissions depend on how your electricity is generated (such as whether you get it from solar, wind, hydro or fossil fuels), but local emissions – the emissions that coming out of your exhaust – are not present. This means that electric cars are quite green in that regard.

Benefit #5: Quieter cab. EVs also have a much quieter cabin than a traditional ICE vehicle. There is no combustion engine under the hood, so there is much less road noise and you can enjoy more peace of mind behind the wheel in electric cars.

As you can see, there are quite a few advantages of electric cars. However, we know they are not for everyone! That is why we offer a wide range of hybrids, electric cars, plug-in hybrids and traditional combustion engines. At Toyota or N Charlotte we have something for everyone!

Toyota or N Charlotte has a car for every driver

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