Kuykendall, Starnes and Nunley Top NOW600 promotion

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Joey Starnes’ No. 11j took home the top prize at Jefferson County Speedway. (Kristy McDougal photo)

FAIRBURY, Neb. – Closing out the F-Town Tooleys Showdown at Jefferson County Speedway on Saturday, the third night of Nebraska Micro Week saw 116 entries take on the Lucas Oil National Open Wheel Series, with wins for Tyler Kuykendall, Joey Starnes and Jet Nunley.

After chasing Jackson Kounkel’s No. 38k through the opening 11 laps, his hard contact with the wall put Starnes’ No. 11j in the lead in the race. Although he tried to hold on to second place, the damage to Kounkel’s car eventually forced him to retire.

Starnes extended his lead to almost two seconds, but a few warnings with three and two laps to go brought Frank Flud to Starnes’ rear bumper. Starnes, however, saw no challenge and won by 0.956 seconds.

Second place remained in the hands of Flud, with Garrett Benson stealing the show position and coming to the checkered flag. Elijah Gile finished fourth and the top five was rounded out with Kuykendall.

With two limited wins to his name in 2019 and 2020, Missouri’s Kuykendall added his name to a new list of winners with Saturday’s win in Non-Wing. He was second in the first four laps, then the lead was passed to Kuykendall after the right rear wheel and tire came off the number 11 from Darren Brown.

Kuykendall was chased by Chris Cochran for the remainder of the feature, but despite the No. 3w doing a final lap, Kuykendall kept him on the line for 0.265 seconds.

JJ Loss came from eighth to third with Brecken Reese in fourth.

Charging from the 15th, Cameron Paul’s number 1j reached the fifth place.

The lone repeat winner during Nebraska Micro Week was Oklahoma’s Nunley, who took the win in Restricted.

In his 14th time leading the division, the number 33 was unstoppable when he took the lead in traffic from Garyn Howard on lap 10. Nunley rode away to a lead of 2.156 seconds at the finish.

Haidyn Hanson took second and Garyn Howard finished third. Cale Lagroon and Landon Jesina made it to the top five.

The complete finish:

Winged Feature (25 Laps): 1. 11J-Joey Starnes[2]; 2. 81-Frank Flud[4]; 3. 2B-Garrett Benson[7]; 4. 13-Elijah Gile[3]; 5. 8K Tyler Kuykendall[6]; 6. 11-Darren Brown[8]; 7. 67J-YY Loss[16]; 8. 72-Alex Karpowicz[9]; 9. 3-Cale Coons[11]; 10. 57T-Kyle Thompson[12]; 11. 81AU-Dekota Gay[19]; 12. 35-Gaige Weldon[13]; 13. 7A-Aaron Jesina[15]; 14. 33-Jett Nunley[20]; 15. 21-Keegan Osantowski[21]; 16. 1F-Jason Friesen[18]; 17. 91-Jaxon Brenning[5]; 18. 20Q Brecken Reese[14]; 19. 78-Ethan Ayars[17]; 20. 38K-Jackson Kounkel[1]; 21. 11D Dominic White[10]

Standard non-wing position (25 laps): 1.8K-Tyler Kuykendall[3]; 2. 3W-Chris Cochran[5]; 3. 67J-YY Loss[8]; 4. 20Q Brecken Reese[6]; 5. 1J-Cameron Paul[15]; 6. 26-Corbin Ruschenberg[12]; 7. 3-Cale Coons[10]; 8. 72-Alex Karpowicz[4]; 9. 22-Jesse Pate[20]; 10. 17-Talon McConnell[18]; 11. 66-Jayden Clay[19]; 12. 19X-Marcus Kennedy[16]; 13. 2F-Jadyn Friesen[17]; 14. 17E-Kaylee Esgar[11]; 15. 38K-Jackson Kounkel[2]; 16. 38-Riley Osantowski[21]; 17. 11J-Joey Starnes[9]; 18. 7J-Jacob Latta[13]; 19. 11-Darren Brown[1]; 20. 81-Frank Flud[7]; 21. 47 – Cory Kelley[14]

Limited Feature (25 Rounds): 1. 33-Jett Nunley[5]; 2. 319-Haidyn Hansen[3]; 3. GH7 – Garyn Howard[1]; 4. 24C-Cale Lagroon[6]; 5. 5L-Landon Jesina[2]; 6. 59-Evan Semerad[4]; 7. 4G Landon Gasseling[9]; 8. 10S Scout Spraggins[10]; 9. 18K Keegan Gasseling[7]; 10. 8Z-Kasen Zorn[12]; 11. B2-Carson Bolden[16]; 12. 45 Bradley Cox[14]; 13. 1-KC Sparks[15]; 14. 22-Remmi Butolph[20]; 15. 87C-Callan Hill[13]; 16. 7G-Ollie Geiger[19]; 17. 30-Kyler Bearce[11]; 18. P24 Aiden Howard[17]; 19. 27-Luke Samuelson[18]; 20. 63-Jack Thomas[8]