Leclerc: Good to find a solution to prevent tear-off in cars

Leclerc: It

Leclerc: It will be good to find a solution to avoid the car tearingCharles Leclerc was unlucky to have Max Verstappen’s visor tore off in his brake canal during the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix, forcing him to make an extra stop, and he hopes a solution can be found in the future through the tear-offs in the car’s road. to throw.

That was one of the unfortunate events that plagued de Leclerc over the course of the Belgian race weekend, where he finished fifth, as a post-race time penalty relegated him to sixth, as he is now third in the race. formula 1 Drivers’ Championship, 98 points behind leader Verstappen.

When asked how he felt about that incident, Leclerc said: “I mean, in all honesty, you can’t calculate that.

“So it’s true, I think maybe it’s good that we find a solution to keep the crack in the car away.

“In this particular situation I think someone was using oil or something, and I couldn’t see anything with my visors, all the drivers ahead of me couldn’t see anything in the visors. And it happened that at the first moment of the opportunity we had to take the tear off, it was in this straight,” he explained.

What happened is not Verstappen’s fault

“So I notice there are tear-offs flying everywhere and in that case you can’t do much as a driver so I mean obviously not mad at Max at all, obviously it’s not the drivers fault but we can look at something to find a way to keep the tear-offs somewhere in the car,” the Ferrari driver added.

Ferrari did not have the pace at Spa to keep up with Red Bull. Asked about his expectations for this weekend at Zandvoort, Leclerc replied: “I mean, overall I think we have a strong car.

“If you look at the first part of the season, we have always been very strong in corners,” he continued. “All kinds of curves actually…. Yes, slow/medium speed, we are strong and again mainly because of the traction.

“But if you look at Spa, they were strong everywhere. She [Red Bull] were strong on the straights, they were strong in the corners. So let’s wait and see, but it should be better,” he warned.

When asked, Leclerc admitted he wouldn’t feel bad if he ruined Verstappen’s party and won the Dutch Grand Prix, emphasizing: “You don’t feel bad when you win a race. pretty.

“I mean, the Holland fans are extremely passionate and with Max leading the way I’m pretty sure there will be even more happy to be there. But hopefully we can still win,” the Ferrari driver hoped.

(Additional reporting by Agnes Carlier)

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