Maruti Suzuki XL6 – buy or ignore? Top 5 Factors to Consider

Ideal for highway journeys, the XL6 still remains a very capable daily commute option within city limits.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 looks to consolidate its position as the MPV of choice. Should you consider taking it home?

Ideal for highway rides, the XL6 still remains a very capable daily commute option within city limits.

Maruti Suzuki has had a busy calendar so far this year and is building stamina to keep up the momentum with some very formidable models being updated. The Baleno, Ertiga and XL6 are models that have performed phenomenally well for the country’s largest automaker and have now been updated to better fight their respective rivals. The XL6 is the latest to be updated and in a market that is witnessing increased traction for three-row vehicles, it could continue to lead the way.

First launched in 2019, the XL6 has had a strong following for those looking at a large MPV without breaking the bank. But while the XL6’s cabin was indeed spacious, it has suffered from a lack of advanced features so far. These and some other factors have been addressed in the 2022 model.

The question then is whether the 2022 Maruti Suzuki XL6 deserves your undivided attention when you are on the road for an MPV? Here are the top five factors to consider.

XL6 Features

The XL6 has received remarkable and practical feature updates that can help it take on newer rivals in the market. While the list may still not be as extensive as the one Kia Carens has, the feature additions are more practical. Take the 360 ​​degree camera for example. Thanks to the camera feed on the main screen, parking or turning off the XL6 in tight spots is now easier than ever before.

Then there’s the debut of Suzuki Connect on the XL6, which allows the owner to interact with the vehicle via his or her smartphone. Check car security, monitor vehicle parameters and more without even being in the vehicle. This single factor is a big step forward for XL6 and makes it a worthy model to consider.

XL6 Styling

The XL6 isn’t exactly a flashy car and while the looks can be subjective, the visuals of the MPV on the outside have been accepted by the market. The updated XL6 only gets subtle visual upgrades on the outside, with the grille slightly updated and the alloys getting a design tweak, among a few other highlights. If you were expecting a new visual package on the latest XL6, the updates are a bit disappointing.

XL6 engine and transmission

The latest XL6 gets the next-generation 1.5-litre K-series petrol engine. Those who want a diesel engine should automatically avoid Maruti, but for everyone else, it’s a competent option to consider. But the biggest highlight is the addition of a six-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the previous four-speed torque converter. This new box is definitely better than the one it replaces, even if it’s still not the smoothest. But Maruti has played it smart by adding paddle shifters that give the MPV a nice, enthusiastic air. If you want an automatic that beats the hassle of city commuting, the new XL6 is a viable option.

XL6 space

The XL6 continues to offer a spacious cabin with large windows, respectable knee and leg room and decent room for passengers in the last row. This factor should make the XL6 a winner.

XL6 Price

The Maruti Suzuki XL6 has had a price overhaul and well, it’s not quite as good value for money as it was before. Prices for the model start at 11.29 lakh for the Zeta variant with manual transmission and goes up to 14.39 lakh for the Alpha+ with AT. And if you want the dual-tone option, that’s it 14.55 lakh for the Alpha+ with AT. These prices are ex showroom so add at least one more 1.50 lakh to the final price on the road.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 prices
Manual automatically
zeta 11.29 lakh 12.79 lakh
alpha 12.29 lakh 13.79 lakh
alpha+ 12.89 lakh 14.39 lakh
Alpha+ double tone 13.05 lakh 14.55 lakh
Ex-showroom prices

While the mid-range variants are still a good option, they pay a price down the road of about 16 lakh for the top variant(s) is hardly a bargain.

Date of first publication: 04 May 2022, 09:48 IST