MEGADON Finance – The best car bet and

MEGADON Finance - The best car bet and

Cape Coral, FL, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The popularity of the crypto world is reaching new heights. With each passing day, new investors are finding their way into this multi-billion dollar industry that would soon improve into a multi-trillion dollar industry. The crypto world owes its success to new companies that come up with brilliant ideas and innovations. These new ideas aim to address customer concerns and maximize return on investment. These innovations are implemented and the companies ensure that an efficient path is mapped out for the proper functioning of such ideas.

What is MEGADON?

MEGADON is a DeFI 3.0 project that has brought new ideas and innovations to the crypto world. The company offers unparalleled auto-strike and auto-compound decentralized financing. MEGADON has secured the spotlight through the tantalizing features and incentives it has to offer. The company offers the highest fixed annual return (APY) of 333.333%. Customers get rewards 30000 times a day. In other words, a reward is offered every 3 seconds. Individuals may also enjoy the idea of ​​getting 6% trading volume in BUSD. MEGADON Token Holders have the power to make decisions regarding key features of the company by voting through the MEGADON DAO governance.

A distinctive protocol

Every company, every institution and every company is governed by a system of rules and good procedure. MEGADON’s protocol is phenomenal. It consists of a state-of-the-art mechanism that uses mathematical procedures to solve multimillion-dollar problems in DeFi. The yield farming protocol 3.0 allows users to convert their $1000 investment into $3,333,333 through an APY of 333.333%. By offering such a high APY, MEGADON is transforming the DeFi industry.

Innovative ideas for efficient functioning

Heavy price swings are a serious problem in the crypto world. To limit price fluctuations, The Shark Tank is used which adds liquidity to the pool every 24 hours. For any business to thrive, marketing and development are paramount. The Yacht fund will be used to spread the word about MEGADON to different corners of the world to reach more investors. MEGADON is prepared for the worst. The Dorsal Fin is a reserve pool that will be used in the event of a strong price shift. This pool is specifically designed to secure customer positions and gain their trust. MEGADON strongly encourages and supports NFT. BNB incentives offered to NFT holders will be derived from the Seashell pool. The Blue Hole will receive the 1.02% interest and reward given to MGD holders. The amount of MGD reward given is directly proportional to the time it has been locked. To limit inflation and maintain prices while trading, 2% of the $MGD token is burned and added to the Deadsea pool.

Safe and affordable

Peckshield incorporation is a renowned Blockchain security company that enhances the security of ecosystems by finding vulnerabilities in them. These vulnerabilities are then mitigated by innovations. Peckshield Corporation also assumes the responsibility of Audit of MEGADON. The company offers unparalleled benefits to customers. Benefits Not Offered by Rival Blockchains. Reward BNB, Reward BUSD, Move to Earn, DAO 2.0 Governance Mechanism, Sustainable Rebasing, Auto Liquidity, Auto Stake & Compile, Back Resistant: No Coin Code, Back Resistant: Liquidity Locked, Back Resistant: Fixed Rebase Time and Manual Token Redemptions are the many benefits that can be gained by partnering with the valued company.

Step-by-step plan and fair launch

The MEGADON roadmap is divided into 4 phases. Each stage has a set of tasks to complete. The roadmap starts with phase 1 which consists of the official website and dApp launch, Audit, First marketing campaign and Pinksale fair launch. The roadmap ends in phase 4 with 3 tasks, the MEGADON DAO platform, entering into more partnerships and expanding the core team. MEGADON is a fair launch meaning it is managed from the moment of initiation by members of the community itself and not by a centralized team or governing body.

MEGADON Finance is also expected to have its IDO launch, which will begin at PinkSale in the coming days, along with KYC and audit.

MEGADON is the ultimate Blockchain company that will lead the crypto world in the future. For more information about the MEGADON, visit the project’s official website and social links.

About MEGADON Finance

With the yield farming protocol 3.0, Megadon is revolutionizing the DeFi industry by providing the highest fixed APY in the market, revising the rewards every 3 seconds and a simple investment mechanism that increases your portfolio extremely quickly

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