Motorola MA1 is now available at Best Buy

Motorola MA1 is now available at Best Buy

Launched early this year, the Motorola MA1 is the device that brought the idea of ​​an Android Auto wireless adapter into the mainstream, despite it not being the first. Since then, the Motorola MA1 has also quietly expanded sales to Best Buy.

Motorola MA1 is now also available at Best Buy

Initially starting on Amazon and Targetthe Motorola MA1 adapter for wireless Android Auto is now available at Best Buy’s Online Store† The product appears to have only been available to the retailer for about a month, but mostly launched without any fanfare. Prices are still landing $89.99and the device has received a 4.9 star rating from the retailer.

But like Amazon and Target, Motorola MA1 at Best Buy suffers from the same stock problems. The product is completely sold out at the time of publishing this article, but used to be recently available. The product will be available from June 3 used to be at least an hour in stock, which beats the mere seconds other retailers manage. But even that quickly dried up with pent-up demand.

Target is usually the best way to get the MA1, with notifications giving eager buyers a few seconds to try and get the device. Still, even six months after launch, it’s remarkably hard to buy the Motorola MA1, but it’s nice that Best Buy has another option to try and buy. Amazon usually has ways to buy the MA1, but that is often through scalpers who drive the price up.

Is the Motorola MA1 worth it?

We tested the Motorola MA1 earlier this year and praised it for its super-handy connection and reasonable pricing. It really is a plug-and-play way to wirelessly get Android Auto in your car. we said:

Motorola MA1 does what it’s supposed to do. It makes a wired Android Auto connection wireless and I hope this is just the beginning of products like this coming to market.

However, it didn’t come to our use without problems.

Our device developed lag issues with a Pixel 6 Pro that other Android Auto wireless adapters didn’t have. While this can most likely be attributed to the phone, it throws a spotlight on the fact that the Motorola MA1 has no way of updating its firmware which can cause problems over time. AAWireless and Carsifi fix that problem, but they aren’t particularly easy to come by either, as they’re both sold through Indiegogo rather than traditional retail.

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