Now is the best time to get into the Morgana Car with the multi-platform launch of Persona 5 Royal!

Now’s the best time to get in the Morgana Car with Persona 5 Royal’s multi-platform launch!

You finally see it coming! Persona 5 Royal finally comes with more platforms, touching your heart on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series X | s.

Whether or not you’ve met the Phantom Thieves, the adventure begins again on October 21, 2022, with updated content from the original. Persona 5 release. These high school students are no ordinary teenagers, with the ability to harness the power of a “Persona”, each with their own unique individual abilities to defeat shadow enemies in the “Metaverse”. That’s just very simple…

The fates of these 10+ characters will become entwined with many others in a large, immersive, compelling storyline, influenced by your choices. Take a road less traveled with new options and make the leap to fight back even during humanity’s darkest hours. Keep your eyes and ears open to learn about the game’s themes. From there, you unmask the true nature of your enemies with your newfound knowledge.

When “authority” fails, our intrepid cast rises to the challenge of fixing and making things right. You will be the one to help them on a path fraught with danger as you juggle interpersonal relationships and the most terrible enemy of them all: school.

The multi-platform release that sees the game also coming to Nintendo Switch means the voices of fans have been heard: you can take the Phantom Thieves anywhere on your commute and make progress. Stealing hearts waits for no one!

Discover how Persona 5 Royal has firmly established its status as one of the best JRPGs out there Epicsoft.

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