Now’s the best time ever to pick up a cheap, manual BMW M6 Super Sedan

black 1987 BMW M6 E24 front view

The first generation of the BMW M6 E24 is a treasure for classic car enthusiasts, born in the 80s, the M6 ​​took a long hiatus in 1989, before finally returning as the E63 generation in 2003.

Nevertheless, that did not detract from the classic appeal of the first-generation models; in fact, this 1987 BMW M6 has already won 13 bids – at the time of writing – on the auction site Cars & Bids

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A black BMW M6 from 1987 with gray interior

Finished in black with a gray interior, this classic M6 is one of those Sharknose BMWs that was born in 1987.

It is one of the ‘Grandpa’ M models in the 50-year history of BMW M – this model has a 3.5-litre “S38B35” inline-6 ​​engine under the hood, with an output of approximately 256 hp and peaking torque of 243 lb-ft, this engine delivers power to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission.

According to the offer, this E24 M6 came from BMW’s factory with 15 inch Style 5 wheels, fog lamps and rear spoiler. Inside, factory equipment includes leather trim, power front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob, as well as a leather-wrapped dashboard – it also features power windows, air conditioning and an on-board computer.

Over the years of use, this M6 has seen few changes, so the owner removed the factory self-levelling suspension system and replaced it with Bilstein suspension components.

Plus, the owner has put some cool pinstripes on the wheels of this performance car.

A classic BMW M6 from one owner with no accident history

This 1987 BMW M6 comes with an attached Carfax vehicle history report starting in 1991.

However, the Carfax report has several reporting gaps, although it makes no mention of an accident or difference in mileage.

According to the selling dealer, this M6 is a single owner vehicle, the previous owner’s company bought this car new and the M6 ​​remained in the person’s possession at least until 2016.

The selling dealer bought this E24 M6 in 2022 and has driven it at least since then.

While in their possession, the selling dealer had the M6’s engine oil and filter changed, and the front brake calipers rebuilt. The selling dealer also had the brake fluid flushed and the chassis cleaned.

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A classic BMW sedan with multiple scars

Essentially a 35 year old car, this E24 M6 already has several scars – these include stone chips on hood and front bumper, scratches on bumpers and paint chips on mirrors.

Internal flaws include creases on the leather upholstery of the front seats and stains on the passenger seat.

There are also some marks on the headliner and some rust on the underbody parts, but we’ll forgive those flaws for the engine, design and sheer coolness on offer here.

Source: Cars & Bids