Only 1 mid-sized car achieved a good rating in the final round of IIHS crash tests

a 2022 hyundai sonata, a stylish midsize sedan that handled the iihs crash tests a bit better

Crash testing is an essential part of new cars because it gives shoppers an accurate picture of car safety. There are several tests that all new vehicles undergo, with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS, being one of the leading testing centers. The IIHS has updated the side impact testing; some previously high-ranking mid-sized cars are suffering the effects.

What is the new test?

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The current test conducted by IIHS has been around for 15 years and was due for an update. The now-old test used a 3,000-pound barrier traveling at 31 mph that slammed into the side of the car. The new test, which is used for trucks and SUVs, uses a heavier barrier, 4200 pounds, which travels faster, at 37 mph. This test now more accurately reflects real-life collisions.