Only 1 Toyota car won best in class from Edmunds

White 2022 Toyota Avalon, the best-in-class full-size sedan, drifting around a corner on pavement

The full-size Toyota Avalon sedan claims the best spot in its class among large sedans, but there’s a slight downside to its success. Toyota is one of the best car brands and the Avalon has long been an underrated premium option. The Avalon’s strong reputation for durability, premium interior and cabin materials and relatively affordable starting price make it one of the most reliable cars to drive with others and the best full-size car overall.

The 2022 Toyota Avalon is the best large sedan in its class… but technically

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To win is to win, but to be named the best large sedan in the class by Edmunds has slightly less weight when there are only three cars in the class. It’s true. There are only three full-size cars left on the market: the Toyota Avalon and two Stellantis models, the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Charger.