Petition: Call on these two states to allow Good Samaritans to rescue animals from hot cars

Dog in car

New Jersey and West Virginia have laws that make it illegal to rescue a dog from a hot car. It’s extremely dangerous to leave a pet in a hot car, but unfortunately, amid the record heatwaves this summer, it’s not uncommon. Even though it’s only in the 1970s outside, the inside of a car can warm up to 20 degrees in an extremely short time. Every year, thousands of animals die from being stuck in hot cars.

Katherine Wood, a criminal defense attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, said: “It’s problematic for dogs because, unlike us, they can’t sweat for the most part. They’re much more prone to overheating and can get heat stroke very quickly. ”

Source: ABC News/Youtube

Most states have laws that say Good Samaritans can rescue dogs from hot cars. However, New Jersey and West Virginia do not have these laws. In these two states, it is illegal to leave an animal in a hot car, but it is also illegal for anyone to rescue the animals from the car. sign this petition to urge New Jersey and West Virginia to pass laws that say Good Samaritans can rescue animals from hot cars!

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