Planning to buy Automatic car? DCT, AMT, CVT, AT – Which is the Best? | car news

Planning to buy Automatic car?  DCT, AMT, CVT, AT - Which is the Best?  |  car news

The Indian car market has grown over the years in terms of sales volume and technological advancement. The new-age public is moving away from cars equipped with manual transmissions, and this shift has led to an increase in sales of automatic cars over the years. Then, car manufacturers now offer various types of automatic gearboxes to win the competition. While the CVT units are still on the market, AMT made its appearance as a more affordable replacement. Also, the advanced dual-clutch automatic transmissions have now been filtered into affordable cars. With too many choices at their disposal, buyers are often confused about which one is right for them. To avoid the confusion, read on to understand which automatic transmission is best for you.

Best automatic gearbox – AMT

As the name implies, the main role of an AMT is to automate manual transmissions, eliminating the need for the driver to engage the clutch and use a lever to shift gears. The AMT unit operates through actuators that operate the clutch and gearbox at programmed RPM levels. Since the AMTs operate in much the same way as the manual transmission, they are the most efficient and cost-effective automatic transmissions available today.

Modern iterations also have a manual mode, which allows the driver to manually take over control if necessary. That’s why the AMT unit is designed for those looking for convenience and affordability. Speaking of examples, the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios are available with the AMT units

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Best automatic gearbox – DCT

A dual clutch gearbox eliminates the need for a clutch pedal by using two clutches managed by an intricate network of hydraulics and electronics. In a DCT, the clutches work independently of each other, unlike an automated gearbox. The odd gears are controlled by one clutch and the even gears by the other. This configuration allows the car to shift gears without stopping the transmission of power from the engine to the gearbox, as would happen, for example, with a manual gearbox when shifting between the accelerator and clutch pedals.

As a result, dual clutch transmissions provide the fastest gear changes compared to other transmissions. For someone who craves performance, DCT is the perfect automatic transmission. Models such as the Volkswagen Virtus, Kia Sonet and Hyundai Creta are available with a DCT box.

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Best Automatic Transmission – CVT

The CVT is an automated gearbox that runs a steel belt between two pulleys. The diameter of the drive pulley, which transmits torque from the engine, and the driven pulley, which transmits torque to the wheels, are simultaneously adjusted by the CVT to continuously change gear ratios. The CVT is considered to be the smoothest automatic transmission because it offers no shift shock and rides smoothly through the gear ratios without changing steps.

Well, the CVT is perfectly suited to those who want a super smooth ride. It’s not the most fuel-efficient of the lot, though, as revs generally stay high throughout the ride. In the modern world, automakers have moved away from CVT units, but Honda City and Honda Amaze are still available with this type of automatic transmission.

Best automatic transmission – AT

The term automatic transmission is used for torque converter automatic transmission, which uses a fluid clutch. Since the power transmission in this type of gearbox takes place without a mechanical clutch, the operation is largely smooth. In addition, ATs have been around for a long time, which is why they are quite reliable.

However, the only drawback of an automatic gearbox with torque converter is the weight. They are bulky in nature and therefore affect performance to some degree. The Tata Harrier, Volkswagen Virtus and Hyundai Creta use 6-speed AT units in their automatic guises.