Poland in top three EU countries for car employment – ​​The First News

Poland in top three EU countries for car employment – ​​The First News

According to a report published Tuesday by the employment and HR consultancy Personnel Service, Poland ranks third in Europe in the number of people working in the automotive sector.

According to the Human Resources Department, based on Eurostat data, more than 12.7 million people in the European Union are directly or indirectly employed in this sector. Employment in the automotive industry grew significantly between 2015-2019.

The largest number of people working directly in the automotive industry is in Germany (916,000), France is in second place with 232,000 and Poland is in third place with 224,000 people working in the sector.

“Of course the turmoil associated with the pandemic, slowdowns in global supply chains and now the war in Ukraine are causing temporary problems, but the sector is always getting back on track,” said Krzysztof Inglot of Human Resources.

Inglot also noted that Poland’s automotive sector could benefit from shifting production from China, Ukraine and Russia. “Sanctions against Russia, the growing need to gain independence from China and increased production capacity in Europe could prove to be an impetus for the development of the sector in Poland. Especially because the production of electric cars is also developing rapidly. opportunity for new jobs that we will need,” he concluded.

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