Road Shooting Claims Tigard’s Dad While Driving Off Oregon Coast

Road Shooting Claims Tigard's Dad While Driving Off Oregon Coast

A Tigard man died Wednesday after being shot and killed on Oregon 18 northeast of Otis in a suspected traffic accident.

Dennis Anderson, 45, was with his 18-year-old partner, Brandy Goldsbury, on a day trip to Lincoln City after a week of COVID-19 quarantine. They were returning to their home in Tigard around 8:30 p.m. on July 13 when they saw a driver in a car trying to pass them, Goldsbury, 46, said.

Goldsbury, who has worked as a medical assistant at Oregon Health & Science University, said Anderson sprayed wiper fluid on his windshield while driving and some of the fluid may have ended up on the other driver’s car. “I was like, ‘Ignore him, he’s having a bad day,'” she said.

The car – which police identified on Tuesday as a BMW 3 Series – eventually passed by, Goldsbury said, and she believed it was gone. A few miles later, however, they arrived at a rest area northeast of Otis, where Goldsbury said they saw the same car parked by the side of the road.

“We drove past it and then it came after us,” Goldsbury said. “And when the lanes started to turn back to one, the car started to pull really close behind us, almost as if it were going to hit us. And then it would go into oncoming traffic and swerve towards us a little bit, as if it were pushing us to the side of the forest tried to push.

She said the other car did this a few times, so she told Anderson to stop and call 911. He did. He also got out while Goldsbury called, she said.

At that point, the driver of the other car stopped parallel to them and started firing into the car, she said. “The last thing he said was, ‘Oh my god, they shot me.'” Goldsbury said.

After several shots, Goldsbury unbuckled her seat belt and flagged passing cars for help.

“When I got to him, there was blood coming out of his mouth,” she said. She said a man Anderson started CPR and didn’t stop until the ambulance arrived.

Police have not yet made any arrests on Tuesday. They said the driver fled.

Oregon State Police described the suspect as a short, less than 25-year-old man with dark hair.

Oregon State Police have said the suspect vehicle, pictured above, is a black BMW 3 Series. Police have not yet made any arrests on Tuesday.Courtesy of Oregon State Police

Early on April 26 in the US, a Land Rover SUV driver fired several shots at a Ford Flex transporting a family from Cannon Beach to Camas, Washington. No one was injured in that incident.

Anderson had two teenage daughters and an adult stepson.

Photo shows Dennis Anderson with his daughter Izzy at HWY 101 Burger.

Dennis Anderson, right, sits with his daughter Izzy, left, on HWY 101 Burger. He had two teenage daughters and an adult stepson.Photo courtesy of Brandy Goldsbury

“He’s one of those pushy fathers,” Goldsbury said. “They’d ask for something absolutely outrageous, and he’d be ‘no’ and then I’d turn around and he’d do it, making it happen for them.”

Anderson grew up in Massachusetts, and his father, David Anderson, said he was best friends with his son and spent time with him in various activities such as fishing, watching New England Patriot games, and working on cars and a boat.

When they went fishing, David Anderson, 65, said, “We would make it a tournament — see who would get the biggest fish.”

Goldsbury said she met her partner in online chat rooms, and Anderson drove across the country from Massachusetts to Oregon for two days to see her. “I scared myself and sent him away,” Goldsbury said. “I was like, ‘No, no, we can’t do this, I can’t let strange people come to my house.'”

But then she said she’d reconsidered. When Anderson had already driven to Hood River, she said she would call him back. “And then he came back, and then he never left,” Goldsbury said.

The couple, who have lived in the Portland area since 2008, did many things together, from starting a soap business to taking family trips to the coast.

“There’s a little burger joint in Lincoln City that we’d go to,” she said. “That was the favorite place of the kids and Dennis. It’s a small burger joint, but they loved it.”

Their dream was to buy a home in the Lincoln City neighborhood, Goldsbury said.

Anderson also made changes in his life to spend more time with his daughters. He recently left a pharmacy job and delivered pizzas part-time to spend more time with his kids, she said.

His stepmother, Karen Anderson, said Goldsbury and the three children were his world.

“His life revolved around them,” says Anderson, 67, who lives in Sharon, Massachusetts.

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