Russian tank graveyard shows armored vehicles stacked on top of each other

Russian tanks destroyed

A video is circulating on social media of a Russian tank graveyard forming in Ukraine, near Kharkiv.

Geopolitics and security analyst Michael A Horowitz shared the video on his Twitter page on Tuesday, and the clip is beginning to go viral.

The video shows two armored vehicles on top of each other while half submerged on a destroyed bridge. The video is so far viewed more than 280,000 times.

The person who picks up walks to the center of the bridge where it was destroyed and examines the vehicles now submerged in the water below. A gray van can be seen in the water next to the two vehicles.

“Russian armored vehicles had a minor accident while fleeing Ruska Lozova near Kharkiv,” Horowitz tweeted.

In the comments, Horowitz said similar images of this area have already been doing the rounds online.

“So as suspected by @DefMon3 some of this is old (older than I thought), but the armored vehicle piled up on the first [armored vehicle] after the first incident. You can’t make this up.” he also tweeted.

Horowitz then shared a photo of the same bridge in Ukraine, except in this photo there is only one armored vehicle with the gray van. This photo was taken on February 27, seven days after Russia invaded the country.

He suggested that at a later date the second armored vehicle tried to cross the bridge and got stuck on top of the first vehicle.

It is not clear how many casualties, if any, Russian troops suffered as a result of attempting to cross the bridge. It’s also not clear if any of the armored vehicles were damaged before they attempted to cross the bridge.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed to effectively hide the casualties his troops have incurred following the invasion of Ukraine.

On Monday, Al Jazeera released images of Russian dead bodies left behind in early April as Russia withdrew from the Kiev region.

Russian troops withdrew from areas around the Ukrainian capital Kiev last month as Moscow prioritized military operations in the southeastern Donbas region. The move helped Ukrainian troops regain control of the areas around Kiev.

The video shows an employee wearing protective clothing zipping white body bags inside a refrigerated train car full of piled bodies.

Al Jazeera, who said it had “rare access” to the macabre scene, said the bodies had been “unclaimed” and belonged to Russian soldiers who died on the front lines.

The images then show feet sticking out of bags and the bodies of soldiers still unsealed in body bags.

Ukrainian authorities say more than 26,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine since the start of the conflict, while the Russian Defense Ministry reported a much lower number, less than 1,500. Both estimates are likely inaccurate, somewhat inflated on the part of Ukraine and grossly underestimated on the part of Russia, according to Western intelligence.

A Ukrainian soldier walks past destroyed Russian tanks not far from the Ukrainian capital Kiev on April 3, 2022. A Russian tank graveyard shows armored vehicles stacked on top of each other in a video that has gone viral.
Sergei Supinsky/Getty Images