Saints Row 2: Best cars

three pictures of cars from saints row 2

Cars that look cool and drive fast are the pinnacle of an open world game. Many games set in a modern world have vehicles, but none embrace the fun more than Saints Row. With a plethora of cool cars to help the player look as good as he feels like The Boss of the Third Street Saints, Saints Row 2 has plenty of cool cars to drive.

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Cars are a great feature for any action game. High speed chases on a highway with law is thrilling and very exciting to dodge and weave between other civilian vehicles. Fast cars are lovable, and cars that look cool are the icing on the cake. Saints Row 2 certainly accommodates players by having a plethora of cars, some of which are the very best of the series.


7 Raycaster

A sports car that seats two people, Raycaster has everything Saints Row spell. What makes the Raycaster fun is the ease with which the vehicle can be customized. It has a total of 23 vehicle customization options, with modifications and paints available to the player to create the kind of sports car of their dreams.

With butterfly doors, the Raycaster is a sought-after car at the Chop Shop in the apartment district. It is quite commonly found in the university, bullring, museum, and downtown neighborhoods. This easy availability makes the Raycaster a great car for Saints Row 2because all players can find it.

6 bulldog

SUV class vehicles are an absolute powerhouse of a vehicle. Their size is intimidating, especially on long roads against smaller and inferior vehicles. The Bulldog has a lot of bark and its size and ability to crash into other cars give the Bulldog an equal amount of bark. The pickup can also be customized with a roof-mounted .50 cal gun turret, meaning the player and a friend of the saint can drive straight into the carnage.

Problems with the Bulldog stem from his size, as he has a large turning radius. Still, the Bulldog’s exceptional speed and control are on the better side of a truck-like vehicle. Players should be careful on hard corners as the Bulldog can tip over due to the high speed and sudden braking. It can dent easily too, so if players fear a smashed-up car, the Bulldog may need to be driven normally rather than going over the speed limit.

5 five o

The Five-O is the name of the police car used by the Stilwater Police Department and the Ultor security officers with a 1-4 star rating in Notoriety. The vehicle seats 4 people, meaning the player and their crew can rock out with the police radio, and enjoy the chaos they can cause in a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them and make people believe the law really is crazy become.

The Five-O is a lot of fun to drive around because when the police lights and sirens are activated, all the vehicles on the road will obey the law and move to the side of the road to let the police car pass. The high speed and damage resistance make it an excellent choice in early game missions and to play as a police officer.

4 Vortex

As a coupé-like car, the Vortex is a convertible that can accommodate two people. The vehicle can seem rather rare and will spawn in Hotels & Marina, High-End Retail, Downtown, Saint’s Row and Red Light. In Saints Row 2the Vortex can be purchased for $20,000 from Foreign Power dealers.

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The Vortex is more accessible than the same vehicle in the first Saints Row. It has great speed, with great handling. It is one of the best vehicles in the game and the perfect choice for weaving between cars and using the grip to take sharp turns at incredible speeds.

3 Bezier

Often spawning in the Hotel & Marina and Downtown Districts, the Bezier is a car to look forward to. The vehicle is smooth and exciting to look at. It is a high-end and exotic sports car, which two people can enjoy. The Bezier is one of the fastest cars in the game, reaching intense speeds comparable to some of the best cars in the game.

The Bezier can also be used as a Gang Customization car after defeating 30 Hoods. Or players can enjoy a non-customizable Bezier with racing decals if they complete all 10 car races. It’s a great vehicle worthy of an individual paint job and customization so you can enjoy showing the NPCs in the game what a cool vehicle looks and feels like.

2 Attrazione

With a top speed of 100, the convertible vehicle will be sure to have the wind attack the players’ hair. The car houses an amazing level of sharp handling, speed and cool scissor door design. It is by far the fastest car in the game as it does not require a Nitrous boost. Even with the Nitrous boost, the Attrazione doesn’t increase its speed past its top speed of 100.

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From Foreign Power, the Attrazione can be purchased for $40,000. It is also a sought after Chop Shop car in the Truck Yard District. Players can find the vehicle quite easily in Saints Row 2as it is often run by citizens in the Saint’s Row District and the Rounds Square Shopping Center.

1 Superiore

There’s a reason the Superiore is named after something “superior.” The car is an exotic sports vehicle, which, although it cannot reach 100 top speed without a nitrous boost, has exceptionally excellent road holding and rapid acceleration. Players can reach very high speeds very quickly, meaning they can easily get to their location without being late, and evade the police if they cause a bit of chaos.

If players have $60,000 left, they can pick up the Superiore from the Foreign Power car dealer. It is one of the fastest cars in the game, with a range of customization options ranging from over 35. It has a great personality for any player, with speeds to impress and match the looks.

Saints Row 2 is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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