Search for driver who hit Good Samaritans after car on I-75. was tilted

Search for driver who hit Good Samaritans after car on I-75.  was tilted

Police in Clayton County are looking for the hit-and-run driver who hit two people — a man and a woman — who were both trying to help another driver whose car slammed onto I-75 northbound near Tara Blvd. last month.

Authorities say the driver of that car hit the two Good Samaritans just after 5 a.m. on Sept. 18 when they were trying to help a man trapped in his car.

The man who stopped to help, Javes Calhoun, was killed instantly. The woman, Cya Tookes, was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where medics began life-saving measures.

“My baby was gone, a car flipped over and she got out to help her and another gentleman…and she was hit by another vehicle,” said Cya’s mother Shemeka Levingston. “For God to give her that second chance at life, we are very grateful, very grateful.”

Levingston shared an update on Cya’s condition on Wednesday, saying she is in critical but stable condition and has just undergone a sixth operation.

“Team Cya Strong, keep fighting and that’s our motto for her. She’s a fighter,” she said.

Clayton County authorities said the car that hit the two caught fire and the driver fled.

It’s an unsettling reality for Levingston who has seen her daughter in distress for the past three weeks.

“It’s a parent’s nightmare to deal with such a tragedy, but the ongoing tragedy of it all is that that person is still there and this could easily happen to someone else’s child,” she said.

While concern for someone else’s well-being has led Cya to life-changing injuries, her mother says she believes her daughter would have done the same even if she knew what the outcome would have been.

“That’s exactly who Cya was… Cya would take her shirt off her back, she would give her last coin,” her mother explained.

Levingston asks for prayers for her family and Calhoun’s. They also created a GoFundMe account to help cover Cya’s medical expenses.