Second is the best – Flathead Beacon

Second is the best - Flathead Beacon

8:27 am Two garbage bags full of medicines were thrown into someone’s yard.

8:43 am Law enforcement officers advised a woman about stealing shopping carts, prompting her to return the one she stole.

10:48 am A puppy chasing a person on a bicycle.

11:32 am A 3-year-old accidentally called 911 while his mother was at the hair salon.

11:36 am A woman was again told that stealing shopping carts was wrong and illegal.

13:39 o’clock A man threw a rock at an ambulance.

2:35 pm A man in a truck looked like he was deliberately trying to hit a child who had fallen off his scooter.

2:37 pm A man threw a rock at a passing car after the driver fired a gun at him. The responding officer said it was not a good idea to throw rocks at suspected gunmen.

2:42 pm The second person who answered a Facebook ad selling a car was upset when it was sold to the first respondent.

3:07 pm A woman suspected someone had broken into her house and peed in it, but didn’t want officers to come and check the spot because she had to lie down.

8:13 pm A sudden personality change led a woman to suspect that her husband had been given drugs by the neighbor after writing on the walls with feces and breaking the back of their toilet.

9:37 p.m. A man acting strangely was just doing his martial arts practice in public.

10:20 PM Someone walking the Parkline Trail thought it odd that a propane distribution company had a bunch of propane tanks near a public trail.

10:35 PM For the past hour, a man has been whistling.


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