Several people hospitalized after taxi crashes into bicycle and jumps curb in Manhattan

Several people hospitalized after taxi crashes into bicycle and jumps curb in Manhattan

NEW YORK — Several people have been injured after police say a taxi jumped over a curb in Manhattan.

It happened around 1 p.m. on 29th Street and Broadway in Midtown.

Police say a yellow taxi turned left when it collided with a bicycle.

The taxi then braked and went up a curb, before police said the driver accelerated and hit two women on the sidewalk, causing them to wedge themselves against a wall.

A total of six people have been hospitalized, including the taxi driver. Three are in critical condition and the other three are non-critical.

NYPD update on pedestrians hit in Manhattan


Police said more than a dozen Good Samaritans tried to help lift the women’s taxi.

“A remarkable scene happened. About 15 to 20 New Yorkers tried to snatch this taxi from these women,” said NYPD Deputy Chief John Chell.

Witnesses Natalie Duddridge of CBS2 spoke with described the chaos in the moments after the crash and said it wasn’t long before bystanders sprang into action and could potentially save lives.

“It just happened so quickly. Three people on the ground. Fortunately, someone helped the lady who was trapped,” said a witness

“There was a girl from her knee down, and then she had a compound fracture to her ankle,” added another witness. “Then the other lady was laying face down. Her left leg was pretty, pretty bad.”

“It was shocking, you know, traumatizing quickly. You’re just kind of shaking and reacting,” said another. “We were getting ice and taking away like aprons. We got a belt from someone to supply a tourniquet.”

Witnesses also said the driver, who remained at the scene, appeared in shock.

“The taxi driver was disoriented. So we told him, like getting out of the vehicle, like going through the vehicle, because he tried to back up, and then he’ll go over the woman,” said one of the witnesses. †

The driver was examined and released from hospital.

Police say it looks like an accident, but the highway investigation team will determine exactly what happened.