Shelby has built a V8-powered ‘Cammer Cobra’ concept, and it’s GLOSSY

Shelby has built a V8-powered 'Cammer Cobra' concept, and it's GLOSSY

This is the Shelby American Cammer Cobra concept, and it will ride forever, shiny and chrome. An extraordinarily shiny and chrome reminder that Carroll Shelby really loved Le Mans.

He had even considered towing a big engine in a small car and driving to La Sarthe to give his rivals some credit. This new concept – a continuation of the Cobra Daytona Coupé – is what he has always dreamed of.

“Shelby wanted to fit a huge Ford big block engine into a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe for Le Mans in 1964,” said Shelby’s U.S. boss Gary Patterson. “While many know that a one-off car was built with a 427 ‘wedge’ Ford engine, that was not Carroll Shelby’s first vision.”

Instead, Shelby wanted to fit the aluminum, single OHC FE engine into the Daytona’s bodywork, but “it was impossible to get one of those rare engines in time for the race,” and lo, Shelby installed the NASCAR -version. “Our concept car was built to realize Carroll’s first Cammer vision,” added Patterson.

The 7.0-liter SOHC Ford V8 put out 616 horsepower with a single four-cylinder carburetor, or a whopping 657 horsepower with a twin four-cylinder set up at the time. This modern version puts out a totally respectable 650 horsepower and sits in an aluminum-bodied Daytona with a three-inch-longer chassis. Oh, and a modified hood for, well, seven liter engine. It is mated to a four-speed manual transmission.

“This concept pays tribute to the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé, one of the most celebrated cars in automotive history,” said Patterson. “It answers the question of ‘what if’ for everyone who shared Carroll’s dream and will gauge demand for a limited run of the vehicle.”