SUVs are replacing microcars as the best choice for car buyers

SUVs are replacing microcars as the best choice for car buyers

From 2009-2019, the most popular car model sold in Denmark was the Volkswagen Up microcar. In 2013 he was even named Car of the Year.

But car owners in Denmark are now getting bigger.

Whether it’s the auto factories that are reducing the production of small cars or people who need more space in their vehicles to engage in outdoor activities after the COVID-19 pandemic, microcars are no longer top dogs.

According to, the SUV that has risen to the top and currently accounts for 57.5% of car sales in Denmark – 16 percent more than last year.

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Safer Driving Experience
Meanwhile, sales of microcars plummeted to just 2.4 percent in July, from about 10 percent in July last year.

Last year the Ford Kuga SUV was the best-selling car and in July the Toyota Aygo X model was the best-selling SUV with 5,660 cars sold.

A funny side note is that the Toyota Aygo X is actually the smallest of the SUVs and was developed from the Toyota Aygo… which was a microcar.

“SUVs are cars that I personally think have a higher center of gravity and are not as easy to drive. But they are popular and people feel safer in them because they are bigger.” Allan Bauer a journalist for Motormagasinettold TV2 News.

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