Swapping a McLaren 600LT for a 1,100 hp Ford Mustang seemed like a good idea

Red Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 front side view in parking lot

Watch this YouTuber’s reaction when he finally encounters the American muscle car he traded in his beloved British supercar for.

Itsjusta6 YouTube Channel has come a long way from his original six-cylinder truck videos. Today’s video shows his new 1,100 hp Ford Mustang GT500, and it’s the most insane-sounding thing we’ve ever heard. Almost as insane as the sound is what our host, Gavin, tells us in the intro, which is that he’s trading in his McLaren 600LT for the Mustang. With just 600 hp, the McLaren has half the power of the Mustang.

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Do we want British sophistication or American raw and unforgiving?

Gavin loves today’s British cars. What’s not to love when they give us cars like the McLaren in question and other greats like the James Bond Aston Martins and the Royal Family’s Land Rovers? They all exude enormous amounts of class and sophistication.

The Mustang GT500 doesn’t do this. It’s a raw, ruthless beast that yells “look at me” as it races past you at dizzying speeds. The personalities of the two brands couldn’t be further apart. While he loves McLaren, Gavin really wants to get back to the channel’s roots, which are American cars pushed to the limit.

Bitter Sweet Mustang Purchase

Once the McLaren is gone, Gavin ponders his decision. The trailer arrives some time later, but at 6:57 AM we’re about to hit our first peak. “Hopefully I like it,” he says, rather concerned. At 7:34 am the car starts in the trailer and echoes away. The anxious sensations immediately disappear and there is an approving nod. The car sounds stunning, as it should with the modifications it has. A Fore fuel system running on E85, ID1300 injectors, Kong ported blower, Kong throttle body, larger intercooler and a Lund Tune to name a few.

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She feels like a Mustang

By 7:45 pm, the McLaren seems forgotten, and the whine of the supercharger in harmony with the raspy exhaust note brings smiles all around. Gavin seems happy with his purchase. He tells us that the response to the car has been very positive, and not only is the car incredibly loud and fast, but it also steers extremely well. He plans to get some better tires, better suspension, alignment and possibly a manual replacement for the car. Do you think this is a good trade?