Tesla had a top 10 car sold worldwide in 2021: could it reach the top 5 in 2022?

Tesla had a top 10 car sold worldwide in 2021: could it reach the top 5 in 2022?

Electric Vehicle Company Tesla Inc TSLA not only dominates vehicle sales in the non-traditional auto markets, it is also rising in the rankings of all vehicles. Here’s a look at the best-selling car models of 2021 and what could happen in 2022.

What happened: A Tesla vehicle cracked the top 10 for vehicle models sold worldwide in 2021according to data from Car industry.

These were the best-selling models in 2021:

  • 1. Toyota RAV4: 1.13 million units
  • 2. Toyota Corolla: 1.1 million
  • 3. Honda CR-V: 903,000
  • 4. Nissan Sentra: 693,000
  • 5. Toyota Camry: 681,000
  • 6. Honda HR-V: 670,000
  • 7. Ford F-150: 562,000
  • 8. Toyota Hi-Lux: 549,000
  • 9. Tesla Model 3: 508,000
  • 10. Honda Accord: 481,000

Outside of the top 10, Tesla also finished 19th with the Tesla Model Y.

Data was collected from 106 markets and is said to cover 99.3% of the total global auto market.

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Why it matters: Toyota Motor TM dominated the list with three models in the top five and four models in the top 10 overall. The RAV4 and Corolla swapped places for first and second from 2020 and the Camry remained fifth for the second year in a row.

The Hi-Lux pickup was in eighth place, moving up 13 positions to the top 10 and coming close to beating the pickup of Ford Motor Company fwhich has been the best-selling pickup truck for years.

The Hi-Lux and Model 3 were the only vehicles to make the top 10 after not being listed last year.

The Tesla Model 3 has moved up 21 positions, making the biggest jump of the top 10 vehicle models.

Model 3 sales were up 40% according to the data, with the Toyota Hi-Lux scoring 22% and the Honda HR-V 20% as the top three winners due to an increase in units for the top 10 models.

The Tesla Model Y took 260 positions to climb to 19th place and saw a 412% increase in unit sales with 392,000 moved in 2021, according to the report.

Popular Twitter account Sawyer Merrittwho shares news about Tesla and the electric car industry, shared the data and said the Tesla Model 3 is expected to enter the top five in 2022, surpassing the Ford F-150.

The Tesla Model Y is also expected to outsell the Model 3 by the end of 2022, Merritt said.

This would put not one Tesla model in the top five, but two. This would give Toyota and others a shot at getting their money’s worth and could really bolster Tesla as a leader in the auto market, whether the vehicles are internal combustion or electrically powered.

In some countries, Tesla is already in the top five for vehicle models, and even tops the list in Switzerland.

“We’ve never seen a $60k-$70k vehicle that can achieve annual Corolla-type sales. The trajectory suggests that Model Y will even outperform it by a wide margin in terms of output,” Merritt tweeted.

Photo courtesy of Tesla.