Tesla Model Y best-selling car in Europe, 227% higher than last year

Model Y Blue

Tesla ended September on a high note, with the Model Y named the best-selling car in Europe, receiving more new registrations than any other vehicle, including petrol cars. This follows Tesla’s great performance in the first half 2022 where his models took top positions in sales rankings. The Model Y was also the number one car on that list, with 103,215 units sold between January and June.

Tesla has grown into a successful automaker offering clean energy options for mobility. Despite not being a legacy manufacturer like Ford, Rolls-Royce or General Motors, it relied on innovation to thrive. In addition to vehicles, the company also offers consumers green energy solutions. For example the Powerwall acts as an alternative power source. It can be charged using solar panels or electrical energy. It is also optimized to charge with electricity when the electricity rate is low, helping households to save money.


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In July, it was reported that anyone interested in the Model Y in Europe would get only two color options. This was because the Gigafactory in Berlin only offered the vehicle in black and white. Even with limited color options, supply chain failures and growing concerns about Autopilot service, the Model Y is a popular car in Europe. According to Bloomberg, Model Y sales rose 227 percent after successful registrations of 29,367 units. Based on the data, it is believed that nearly three out of every 100 cars registered in Europe each month were Model Y cars. It is also the first time that the electric SUV has been named the best-selling model in Europe. This is a major win for Tesla and the EVs in general. It indicates that more people are switching to EVs, meaning the electric car revolution could happen sooner than expected. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said the Model Y was set to become the best-selling model in the worlda title held by the Toyota Corolla.

Model YA Bestseller in different countries

The Model Y sold more units than the Volkswagen Golf in the latter’s base, Germany. It was also registered as the best-selling vehicle in 14 other European countries. Following the trail of Model Y were the Peugeot 208 (second), Skoda Octavia (third) and VW T-Roc (fourth). The European car market saw an increase in new sales for the second time in a row. It registered a whopping 1,038,481 units in September 2022, slightly more than the 965,595 units recorded in the same month last year.

Electric car sales in Europe have risen, with demand at an all-time high. In September, 160,869 all-electric models were purchased and registered new. Model Y sales appear to be compensating for the struggle of the Model 3 which has witnessed a significant decline in patronage by European drivers. The reasons are attributed to the popularity of the Model Y and the fact that few units came to Europe from: Tesla‘s Shanghai Gigafactory.

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Source: Bloomberg