Tesla Model Y wins US News ‘Best Luxury Electric SUV’ award

Tesla Model Y wins US News 'Best Luxury Electric SUV' award

The Tesla Model Y has won American news award for “Best Luxury Electric SUV”, beating out a tough lineup of worthy battery-powered SUVs.

First delivered to owners in early 2020, the Model Y was the automaker’s answer to the widely popular crossover SUV sector. A sibling of the company’s first mass-market vehicle, the Model 3, Tesla’s Model Y has quickly become the company’s best-selling electric car, which is saying something considering it’s not the most affordable Tesla vehicle, starting at $62,990. .

American news acknowledges Tesla’s influence on the changing auto market and notes that it was likely the catalyst for bringing EVs to mainstream status. Despite the rapid expansion of the EV segment, Tesla has stayed at the top of the hill, fending off worthy competitors such as Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors, who have spent decades developing some of the best automotive technology the world has ever seen. has seen. However, Tesla has also managed to stay atop tech-focused and smart car startups entering the electric sector, with battery powertrains as their sole focus. Rivian and Lucid, two of the most notable names that fit that description, have still failed to overtake Tesla.

The Model Y effectively expanded Tesla’s product line with a new body shape. Although the Model X has been on offer for seven years, the falcon-winged SUV is still being produced for sentimental reasons, CEO Elon Musk said. It’s also much more expensive than the Model Y, starting at $114,990.

Tesla plans to produce Model Ys with both 4680 and 2170 cells in Gigafactory Texas this year

Those who don’t really have the means to spend over $100,000 on an all-electric SUV have plenty of options, but if a consumer is looking for luxury, the Model Y may be the way to go. US News emphasizes that while the Model Y offers less general cargo and utility room than the Model X, it still packs many of the same tech features that Tesla is known to put into its cars. The Model Y has plenty of performance too, and its premium trim level will get you from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds, while still giving you over 500 miles of range and a 155 MPH top speed.

“Despite the onslaught of new competitors, the Tesla Model Y is one of the most capable and full-featured luxury electric SUVs you can buy right now,” American news writes† “If you’re in the market, this is an option well worth a test drive.”

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Tesla Model Y wins US News ‘Best Luxury Electric SUV’ award


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