Texas woman twerks on top of car during traffic jam

Texas woman twerks on top of car during traffic jam

It seems like the heat in Texas is so intense it can make us do some pretty ridiculous things. As in “twerking on top of your car in the middle of traffic” kind of ridiculous.

A Texas resident posted to Twitter earlier this week a video of two women deciding to have fun on a highway in Houston. In more or less bumper-to-bumper traffic, the driver can be seen with one foot in the car and another on the window of the open car door. I assume she put the car in park or this video would have been a lot messier.

Meanwhile, the other woman is spread out on the car and twerks with gusto. Again, I’m assuming she’s really twerking and not just cooling off from the intense heat.

A person can be seen briefly in the car clapping encouragingly. I can’t help but wonder, is this? why is drake so obsessed with houston?

People on Twitter had a lot to say about the short but telling video. Many expressed concerns about the ladies given the high temperatures in Texas.

“How didn’t her skin peel on that roof?” asked @shoot2kiIl, who shared the video on the platform.

“Superhuman skin. My skin would have melted off on that metal,” it sounded in @veeeeegan95. The same.

Some pointed to the car’s paper labels, while others wondered what got the duo in the mood to work it out in traffic and even admitted that they would have gone dancing too.

Houston’s impromptu traffic dance party comes days after San Antonio’s very own “Thot Patrol” was spotted in the Alamo Ranch area. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope the two cars never cross each other.

Some say to dance it out. Also in traffic. On the highway. With your nal gas out.

Twitter / @shoot2kiIl