The 10 Best Bargain Used Cars To Buy Now

The 10 Best Bargain Used Cars To Buy Now

If you’ve been looking at the used car ads lately, it can seem like any used car is ridiculously expensive right now. You’re right: over the past year, we’ve seen the value of used cars steadily rise, in an unprecedented way. And no one can be sure how long prices will continue to rise, where they will stop, or if they will collapse again.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the used car buyer. While the prices of most cars have risen, some have actually fallen. Market demand is a funny thing, and certain models just failed to capture the imagination of buyers in the post-pandemic rush to buy a used car.

And that means savvy buyers can take advantage by looking for these cars, which now look great compared to comparable models whose prices have gone up. The problem, of course, is knowing where to look.

Fortunately, for the first time, we have the answer. We can reveal which cars have fallen in value the most in the past year thanks to data from the used car advertising website car gurus

Using data from the hundreds of thousands of advertisements placed on its website over the past year, CarGurus has been able to determine which car prices have risen the least – and which have become cheaper.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at that data, so we can tell you which cars have gone against the market trend – and therefore now look like brilliant bargains. Here they are, in ancient reverse order:

10. Volkswagen Arteon