The 1973 Porsche 911 S in ‘Top Gun Maverick’ lit up sports car enthusiasts – Robb Report

Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise in "Top Gun Maverick"

If you want to catch the eye of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, it helps to drive a Porsche.

For the second time in so many Top Gun movies, Tom Cruise’s romantic interest loves German sports cars. This time it’s Jennifer Connelly, whose character Penny drives a silver 1973 911 S in the just-released (and record breakingTop Gun Maverick

It’s easy to see why Connelly’s character loves her car so much. The 1973 911 S is a true beauty loved by enthusiasts for its long nose and sleek, pre-impact bumper. Due to stricter safety standards, later models sold in America came with sturdier bumpers that some still find ugly. The high-performance variant is also powered by an air-cooled flat-six mated to a fast-shifting Type 915 transmission and was able to produce 195 horses, a more than respectable figure for the time.

“Penny rides fast boats, so I liked the idea of ​​her driving a vintage Porsche too,” says CEO Joseph Kosinski. Bloomberg Business Week “I think the 1973 911 S model is one of their most timeless designs.”

Specifically, the 1958 356, driven by Charlie McGillis’ Charlie in the first Top Gun was a replica, while the coupe driven by Connelly’s character is a number that matches the original, just like the 1973 911 E that was used as a backup. The main car was loaned to the production by San Diego resident Nick Psyllos. The longtime collector has a thing for Porsches, including a 1972 ST tribute car in mandarin orange.

After the co-starring role of the 911 S in Top Gun Maverick, we are pretty sure it will become the most meaningful car in his collection. Or at least the most valuable. Competition quality examples of the sports car are known to sell for over $200,000. If you add in that this is a movie car it could be worth a lot more. After all, last fall the Porsche 928 from 1979 in which Cruise drove Risky business sold for $1.9 million

Of course, that price tag won’t mean much to Psyllos. He doesn’t have to worry about buying Penny’s 911 – he already owns it.

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