The 5 Best Car Phone Holders for Thick Cases

The 5 Best Car Phone Holders for Thick Cases

A thick phone case can be effective in protecting your mobile device from scratches, tears, scuffs and dings, but some car phone holders may not be compatible with the heavier case. Fortunately, the best thick case car phone holders can safely store your device for hands-free use while you drive. Your ideal car phone holder depends on the size of your phone and where and how you want to install it.

What criteria to consider?

phone size

It is important that your car phone holder is suitable for the size of your phone in the case. For this reason, you may want to measure the length and width of your phone with the case on and then compare it to the manufacturer’s size chart to find the right size holder for your mobile device.

Where you want to mount it

When choosing a type of car phone holder, you should also consider where and how you want to mount it in your vehicle. Some models snap onto your car’s air vent, while others attach to the dash or windshield with suction cups or glue. (Keep in mind that) windshield mounts may not be legal in your countryso check with your state laws.) You’ll also find options that you can place in your vehicle’s cup holder.

Wherever you mount it, a clear view of your phone’s screen is a should — and if you want control over the viewing angle and position of your phone, you may also want to consider using phone mounts with arms that allow you to adjust the position of the phone or swivel ball joints that give you options to position your screen vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences.

Holder or magnetic holder

In addition to choosing how the mount attaches to your car, you need to choose how your phone attaches to the mount. Magnetic supports come with metal plates that you can attach to your phone or phone case, and they make it easy to attach and remove your phone from the holder. Alternatively, a holder mount has tension arms that hug your phone on either side – when you’re ready to remove your phone, you usually have to press a release button (or two). While it may be easier to get your phone in and out of a magnetic holder, a holder for a holder may feel more secure than a magnet if your phone is very heavy.

Shop for the best car phone holders for thick cases

Be in a hurry? Here are the best car phone holders for thick cases:

  1. The Best Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Thick Cases: Scosche Magnetic Car Phone Holder
  2. A favorite car phone holder that you can use in 3 ways: TORRAS mobile phone holder
  3. The best windshield or dashboard mount with a telescopic arm: APPS2CAR Car phone holder
  4. An extra secure car phone holder for vents: VICSEED Car Phone Holder
  5. The best car holder for thick suitcase cup holders: bokilino car phone cup holder

With all of these in mind, here are five of the: best car phone holders for thick cases you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Best Magnetic Car Phone Holder For Thick Cases


  • Small and sleek design
  • Can be attached to the outside of a thick suitcase


  • Reviewers have reported that the included adhesive is ineffective on heavy phones

This one magnetic phone holder comes with an adhesive pad to attach it to your vehicle’s dashboard. You need to attach the included metal plate to your phone for it to work – and while you can place the plate directly on your phone and under your case, it is a better idea to stick it to the outside of a thick phone case for the strongest magnetic connection. When your phone is in the holder, you can adjust the viewing angle of your phone’s screen and rotate it vertically or horizontally. The holder also comes with an integrated clip to keep your phone’s charging cable within easy reach. And since the magnetic holder has no holder or arms, it should fit all phone sizes without any problem.

Don’t feel like sticking a holder on the dashboard? The brand offers a variety of mounts, including ones that attach to the windshield or air vent.

One reviewer wrote: “It holds my heavy Samsung S20 Ultra with a thick phone case in place and doesn’t move even when I’m driving in the rough Alaskan terrain; This magnet is super strong.”

Maximum phone width: N/A | Max phone thickness: N/A | To be mounted on: Dashboard with glue | Mounting type: Magnetic

2. A favorite car phone holder that you can use in 3 ways


  • Can be mounted on the air vent, dashboard or windshield
  • Glue retains its stickiness even in hot or cold weather


  • Heavy phones can tilt the vent down

If you are not sure where assemble one car phone holder, consider this version with three mounting options. With over 21,000 reviews and numbers, Amazon shoppers have appreciated its versatility. The holder is attached to the dashboard or glass with a suction cup and supplied adhesive pad, or is clamped to a ventilation opening with clips. It also has a 270-degree telescoping neck and a 360-degree rotating ball joint that allows you to orient your phone in a vertical or horizontal position. In addition to these, it also has a quick release button that allows you to mount and disconnect your phone with one hand.

One reviewer wrote: “I have been using the installed phone holder in my car for about 3 months now. Installation was quite easy, instructions were clear. The holder has plenty of adjusters to get it to any position you want and can hold even the largest phones with cases (fits my Galaxy A12 with a thick waterproof case). The mountain has held its position very well during my daily commute on horrible roads. Can recommend this mountain with confidence.”

Maximum phone width: 4.6 inches | Max phone thickness: 0.8 inch | To be mounted on: Ventilation grille with clips or dashboard or windshield with adhesive and suction cup | Mounting type: Cradle

3. The best windshield or dashboard mount with a telescopic arm


  • Reviews say it offers a secure hold on their phone
  • Combines suction cup and sticky gel to stay in place


  • The suction cup can be difficult to remove and move

Whether on the dashboard or windshield, this car phone holder keeps your phone’s screen in view. It uses a suction cup with a sticky bottom to adhere to the dash or glass, then locks the mount in place with a lever — the combination Amazon reviewers have mentioned provides a “strong” and “sturdy” grip. on your phone. (It also comes with an extra 3M adhesive pad if a suction cup doesn’t work on your dashboard.) The cradle mount features a telescoping arm that extends to 7.2 inches and rotates 225 degrees, plus the ball joint that allows you to hold your phone 360 ​​degrees. between vertical and horizontal mode. A quick release button makes it easy to attach and remove your phone.

One reviewer wrote: “I have this in my work van and it’s been installed for 2 months now and hasn’t fallen off the suction once! Can easily handle the weight of my iPhone 12 plus otterbox case.”

Maximum phone width: 4.1 inches | Max phone thickness: 0.8 inch | To be mounted on: Dashboard or windshield with a sticky suction cup or adhesive pad | Mounting type: Cradle

4. An extra secure car phone holder for vents


  • Can be attached to vertical, horizontal and grille openings
  • Comes with two extra secure mounting clips


  • The clips can be challenging to unhook and remove, according to reviewers

This one holder phone holder clamps onto the slats of your car’s air vent. The holder comes with two types of clips: a twist-lock clip for vertical and horizontal vents and a triangular clip with arms that support from the bottom to prevent the holder from tipping forward. When you want to attach or remove your phone from the holder, just press the quick release button. The base that holds the phone can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, allowing you to view your phone screen in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

One reviewer wrote: “Finally found something that works to keep my cell phone in a vehicle with vertical vents! This is strong and holds my Android phone with a bulky waterproof case. So far it keeps it strong and stable. The raised design allows for a good view of the phone from his position.”

Maximum phone width: 4.25 inches | Max phone thickness: 0.6 inch | To be mounted on: Air vent with clips | Mounting type: Cradle

5. The best car holder for thick suitcase cup holders


  • Slides easily into cup holders
  • Budget friendly


  • Not ideal if your car’s cup holders are scarce

In addition to being budget-friendly, this cup holder car holder is very easy to install. It has an adjustable base that nestles into car cup holders up to 3.3 inches wide. The flexible gooseneck can tilt 270 degrees to give you the best angle, and the ball joint can rotate your phone to portrait or landscape mode. If you’re considering this cup holder for your vehicle, you’re not alone – over 15,800 Amazon reviewers have responded and it has an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a large phone with a thick case (Note 10 plus with Otterbox Case) and a small car (MINI Cooper). I’ve tried a few holders, and none compare to this one. The length, flexibility and strength of the ‘arm’ are perfect.”

Maximum phone width: 3.8 inches | Max phone thickness: 0.6 inch | To be mounted on: cup holder | Mounting type: Cradle

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