The 6 best rooftop bike carriers for 2022

The 6 best rooftop bike carriers for 2022

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A roof bike rack for your vehicle is a necessity for almost every cyclist or camper, allowing bicycles to be safely stored and transported over long distances. Roof racks are especially useful because they can mount multiple bikes or provide space for other camping gear such as kayaks. They store the objects and away from the cabin, preventing the opening of suitcases or hatches. In addition, these racks can be easily installed on vehicles that do not have a standard trailer hitch.

The best bike carriers on the roof

What to consider?

The most obvious fact about these bike racks is that they need to be mounted on the roof of a vehicle, making them ideal for SUVs or vans with plenty of room on top. Most of these racks require a universal T-bar roof mount to be installed before they can be used, which can incur more upfront costs.

When searching through bike racks, ask yourself, “How many bikes should I carry?” Some are made to handle only one, while others can mount two or more. Also consider both the weight of the bike rack and the T-bar underneath. Some racks require the rider to partially disassemble the bike before mounting, which takes extra time.

Mounting a bicycle on a roof will also greatly increase the effective height and reduce vertical clearance. More awareness is needed when entering parking garages or drive-thrus. For applications where roof space or clearance is limited, a tow bar or rear-mounted bike rack may be more suitable for your needs.

How we selected

Popular mechanics presents these bike racks based on personal vehicle experiences, in addition to rating input from publications such as AutoGuide, wire cutterand Bicycles magazine. Our selections below are compatible with a wide range of vehicles as well as a variety of needs and budgets.

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Best Overall

HighRoad upright mounting


No disassembly required

ProRide XT


Best budget model

Standard bike carrier


Best wheel holder

wheel fork


Best compact model

Suction Cup Mount


Best Premium Model

Komodo suction cup rack

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