The 8 Best Car Organizer and Storage Accessories in 2022

Black car trash can attached to the back of a car seat. A trash car is a must-have car accessory

I’ll admit it: I love car accessories. I also like organization. So if I’m allowed to combine those two passions and talk about the best car accessories for organization and storage, it’s a good day. Interior equipment should provide a way to personalize your car’s cabin for your comfort and make life a little easier. When shopping for car accessories online or at Target, Walmart, or Autozone, these items should be at the top of your list.

8. A trash can for your car – don’t forget the lid

Car trash | hotor

When shopping for car accessories online, a vehicle-friendly trash can is one of the most popular searches. We’re all guilty of turning our passenger seat footwell or door pockets into a trash can, but a dedicated, vehicle-specific trash can (with lid) can make all the difference. Good housekeeping recommends the Hotor Auto Trash Can With Lid.