The ARC car plans to hit house heads with a hefty dose of Chicago

ARC Music Festival 2021 ARC Car

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Chicago is packed with local artists who will be taking over the ARC Car at ARC Music Festival, so check out these five must-haves!

ARC music festival starts in less than a week at Union Park in Chicago, Illinois, and since it’s held in the birthplace of house music, the best of the best come out to play! Naturally, green velvet and Gene Farris will carry the Chicago flag as the dominators of the homegrown international dance floor, but it’s equally important for attendees to keep their eyes and ears on the rising local stars that represent the heartbeat of the city.

You should definitely arrive early because artists love Azzecca, cryptogram, Hiroko Yamamuraand chip e. will spread their various beats from The grid until Elrowand all the way to Extensions, filling the atmosphere with the most uplifting music in the world. And while you take in all the dazzling sights and sounds of the main stages, it’s imperative that you set aside time throughout the weekend to stop by the ARC car driven by The Good Bus. This full-length school bus has been converted into a fully functional mobile soundstage with a 10,000-watt speaker system and a mission to provide information about healthy live, love and be.

While not everyone who performs on the ARC Car is from Chicago, there are a plethora of DJs and producers who represent the place they call home. Artists like GoodSex (the makers of The GoodBus), Jaygee, ixto, Dustin Sheridanand RiZkee are solid rosters if you want to take your experience to the next level, while brilliant team-ups like Garrett Belschner b2b Mikey Hahn, Greg Corner b2b Patrixiaand Corduroy Xavier b2b Richie Olivio will see you double as you shake it down.

Before the weekend, it’s time to dig a little deeper and get to know some must-see artists on the ARC Car. Check out the set times and other essential information and read on to learn more about these fantastic DJs.

Five artists you must see in the ARC Car at ARC Music Festival 2022



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If you’re in the mood for rich organic sound waves, check it out Girasole! Her name literally means: sunflower, and by the time you’re done dancing under the rays of the summer sun, your spirit will bloom, just like her nickname.

Music runs through her blood at Girasole from an early age. In fact, she was a national champion in competitive tap dance and classically trained in piano by the age of ten. Today, in addition to being versed in multiple instruments, she is also a producer, DJ and an absolutely lovely singer, and she’s got you covered when it comes to understanding how to use music as a transformative tool.

You can see her representing her city of Chicago at some of the best clubs in the city, including: Soundbar and Spybar, while also spreading her sounds across the US in dance music epicenters such as Brooklyn. She recently released her set of Beach Ritualsso play it below and make sure to go to the ARC Car on Friday at 4:50 PM for an hour you won’t soon forget!

Portals and parachutes

Portals and parachutes

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Next up is an extra special duo for your listening pleasure! they pass Portals and parachutes, and in addition to serving up euphoric progressive melodies on the dance floor, they are also self-proclaimed interdimensional space travelers. When their feet are planted on the ground, you can catch them from Chicago to Miami, keeping the atmosphere festive and sultry with every beat pounding through the speakers. And last week they transcended to the stars, opening to one of their biggest influences, Hernan Cattaneo.

These extraordinary creatures are no strangers to the studio either and make a fantastic dub of Sydney BlusTo the ground.” The otherworldly dark energy will drop you into a subterranean realm while the puffing rhythm instills a physical and emotional release. In addition to their performance at ARC on Friday at 6.30 pmlater in the month, on September 24, you can catch them at the Days Like Nights label showcase of Eelke Kleijn, Simon Dotyand Chicago residents IXTO x Jeff Ozmits.



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If you’ve ever hung out in clubs like Spybar, RADIUS, Primary or PRYSM, chances are you’ve infinity. And for out-of-state ARC visitors who may not have come across this man’s relentless musical skills, you’re in for a treat! He knows exactly what the crowd needs to keep the bodies moving, and he’s not afraid to take risks.

Inphinity’s diverse sound palette will take you all over the house spectrum, leaving you with a sweaty mess and begging for more! And when it comes to the studio, you’ll want to turn your ears to his snappy remix of Hippie Sabotagesangels.“It’s trippy and deep in all the right ways. So, if you’re ready to see one of the artists responsible for keeping Chicago’s nightlife on edge, he takes the stage on Saturday at 6:20 pm. Be there or be square!

Danger Wayne & Kice

Danger Wayne b2b KICE

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KICE: facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

It’s about time we talked about one of the many incredible back-to-backs the ARC Car has lined up – Danger Wayne and KICE. Separately, these two have made big waves in the local scene. When it comes to DangerWayne, his deep-rooted passion for music has allowed him to take party animals on the ride of their lives as direct support for industry leaders including Tiesto, deadmau5 and Kaskade. He does not discriminate in terms of genre and controls the energy of his audience with music brimming with quirky character, with surprises around every corner.

By his side is KICE, an artist who fell in love with music at a young age while living in Amman, Jordan. While initially honing his beatboxing skills, he officially started his DJ career in 2007, with his first major set on Bon V Chicago. From then on, he kept his foot on the gas, with an eight-year residency Soundbar as well as establishing artist management and music consultancy Treble Monsters. As a member of Treble Squad next Violin Girl (violin) & MGabriel (saxophone), he has performed at some of the best events in the country, including: burning man, Northern Nightsand Spring blossoms.

So what do you get when you take two hugely talented individuals and throw them together for a set? You will get an experience that will blur the rest of the world as your body moves like a moth to a flame between the exciting sound waves. These guys are on Sunday at 5:30 pm – so stretch those legs, drink some water and get ready for the last night of ARC!

Dani Deahl

Dani Deahl

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We can’t talk about the great last day of ARC Music Festival without showing some love to the one and only Dani Deahl. She takes the stage Sunday at 7:20 PM, just as the sun begins to set and the party gets a few notches up. Dani Deahl is an absolutely indispensable part of the music community, expanding her prowess as a DJ, producer, public speaker and music journalist/editor while connecting music and technology for The edgeserve The future of music on YouTube and works as governor for the Recording Academy.

With such an incredible resume and highly respected labels like Dim Mak, monster cat, Flamingo, Cr2and Armada, you can expect Dani to leave her heart on stage. One of her specialties that she has developed during her years in the studio is the wonderful combination of staircase and house, with a smashing large room and electro to top it off. If you look to her most recent sets for inspiration, Dani loves to keep her fans guessing with a wide variety of musical tastes to suit the specific vibe of the party.

So the question is, what will she be sending through the speakers this weekend? Well, you just have to be there to find out! The ARC Car is definitely gearing up to be a hot spot for a real dose of Chicago, and every performer in the lineup would love to see you stop by and stay for fun. See you on the dance floor!

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