The Batman has one of the best car chase scenes in ages

The Batman has one of the best car chase scenes in ages

HBO Max came out earlier this week the batter, director Matt Reeves’ latest take on the caped crusader. It’s a dark, gritty detective noir-style Batman movie that’s completely different from the previous Christopher Nolan directed films. One of the highlights of the film is the chase scene, where Robert Pattinson’s Batman chases the Penguin (played by Colin Farrell, a hidden prosthesis) and it’s one of the very best chase sequences I’ve seen in years.

HBO Max recently released The Chases on YouTube to give you a sneak peek at Reeves’ three-hour superhero epic before you watch it.

What makes this car chase scene so great is how messy and chaotic it is. It’s so frustrating when you watch a car chase scene in a movie and the traffic moves so perfectly away from the main character. In most action movies, cars in chase scenes skillfully weave through perfectly timed holes in the traffic, but not here, not in the batter† Instead, Batman and Penguin bump, turn, and crash into other cars throughout the scene. Penguin literally gets stuck in traffic at one point. The only other chase scene I can think of that can match The Batmans is that of Mission Impossible: Falloutwith a similar chaotic driving behaviour.

It’s hectic too, with a real sense of panic from Farrell’s Penguin, as he violently pursues an almost psychotically determined Batman, like a predator chasing his prey. Pattinson’s Batman has little regard for the destruction he leaves in his wake, only concerned with capturing one of Gotham’s craftiest villains.

Much has been said about Pattinson’s Batmobile and for good reason: it’s great. It looks like a muscle car he built himself in his Batcave. It’s big, imposing and much more practical looking than any other Batmobile. But don’t worry, he still spits flames when he engages his aft thruster, giving Batman that extra speed boost to catch his prey. The designer who created this new Batmobile, Ash Thorpdid a fantastic job making the car look powerful and damn near indestructible, but in a realistic way.

Not only is the scene exciting, but it’s beautiful. Reeves and cinematographer Greig Fraser created a beautifully violent-looking chase, where you can feel the impact of each crash. The last shot of the chase is the best and one of the coolest shots of any action movie I’ve seen in a long time. If you have HBO Max it’s worth watching the batter in 4K on your TV. But if you can’t, check out one of the best car chase scenes in years below.

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