The best 1-minute song about car-free driving on JFK you’ll ever hear

A man in a red shirt and guitar sings a song at the podium

John Elliott premiered his short, catchy song “on behalf of San Francisco’s dwindling community of musicians, and the 50% of San Franciscans who rent their homes and don’t have a car,” ending his triumphant coda just as the speaker had it assigned. minute gong sounded.

(KQED readers may remember Elliott from his Taylor Swift/Jake Gyllenhaal parody, “All Too Well (Jake’s Version).”)

JFK Drive, which became car-free during the pandemic, is at the center of a heated debate over its planned return to car traffic. At least now we know how a resident of District 1 feels – and is short, simple folk song for anyone who wants to keep JFK Drive car-free.