The best cars for parents have changed drastically since you were a kid

Red Ram pickup truck parked in front of a stone house.

Choosing a new car is difficult enough. Add to that the stress of keeping your kids safe in a car big enough to carry the family, and suddenly it got even harder. While many of us millennials grew up with a minivan or station wagon in the driveway, young families today rely on a slightly different stable of family cars. So, what are the best cars for parents in 2022?

Red 2022 Honda Odyssey

Red 2022 Honda Odyssey | Honda

Are minivans still the best cars for parents?

When someone says “family car”, what do you envision? For decades, smart money said either a minivan or a station wagon. However, that is no longer really the case. Minivans are probably still the most stereotypical ‘family car’, but they are becoming less and less. But what does the minivan replace for the modern family?