The best cars to take a world trip

The best cars to take a world trip
A green Dodge Charger muscle car.


“Of course, it seems the Land Cruiser or a Land Rover would be the obvious answer. After all, globally both vehicles are as common as dirt, so if you’re having trouble, there are parts available to get git’er done.

“But the stipulation is ‘to explore car cultures around the world’ and thanks to the monstrous influence of American pop culture around the world with movies and TV shows, everyone knows 2nd Generation Chargers.

“So between the bullitt ’68 Charger, the Gen Lee ’69, the F&F ’70 Chargers, the Sheet charger, the Ghost Rider Charger, blah-blah for a list about a mile long; when you show up with one of these big-block chargers, you’re instantly the center of attention. So by default you’ve made it easy in the shade with the car clubs if you’re the American cruising in a classic Charger.

“And since these cars are so simple, if you have any problems, you can easily get them repaired – like a Land Rover, just beautiful to look at – win-win.”

This poster woke up today and chose madness. But again, their handle suggests their judgment may be a little clouded here.

Proposed by: the1969dodgechargerguy