The best cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto history

best gta cheats

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one that has evolved tremendously since its humble beginnings all the way back in 1997. With more modern titles within the IP offering some of the most intricately designed game worlds the industry has ever seen, the games’ main appeals and tricks understandably shifted over time.

Like many longtime fans of Grand Theft Auto will remember the cheat codes that can be implemented for many GTA titles had the ability to vastly change the gameplay experience, promoting massive amounts of replayability. While these cheat codes are still available to a lesser extent in newer titles, they are still synonymous with: GTA titles like Vice City and San Andreas


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Wanted Level Down

The first infamous cheat code mentioned has found its popularity in the practicality it possesses, as opposed to providing some sort of crazy factor that many other cheat codes can summon. The cheat code in question is the desired lower level cheat, which can be used repeatedly to essentially clear a desired level to zero.

This particular cheat code featured prominently in the cheat selection of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. With this cheat at the disposal of a player, they can essentially wreak so much havoc in the world of San Andreas as they please, without having to worry about the annoying police chases players within the Grand Theft Auto formula of the game.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Flying cars and flying boats

The flying cars and flying boats cheat codes that were available in San Andreas are two cheats that are very much in the same vein. These cheats speak more towards the aforementioned nature of some GTA cheats that provide a fun factor while surprisingly retaining some measure of usability.

Players who activate these cheats will see the car or boat they pilot the pilot with as an airplane, allowing them to fly around the map at will. While these cheats may seem like fun gimmicks at first glance, they can actually enable extremely fast and seamless card transitions, turning them into very useful and unique cheat codes.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Invisible Cars

The invisible cars cheat code that appears in it Vice City offers very little practicality, but the fun it exudes is more than there. As a player would expect, all cars in the game become completely invisible by activating this cheat code, turning NPCs and the player into ghostly figures that float on roads in a sitting position.

This is the classic type GTA cheat code that many find are activated after the game purely out of boredom and curiosity. While these types of cheats are just gimmicks, the kind of relief and variety they provide to the GTA experience are great representations of what cheat codes should be about, and why cheats within the GTA sandbox became so popular.

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Grand Theft Auto 4 – Max Health, Armor and Ammo

With the release of 2008 Grand Theft Auto 4, the series first introduced the mobile phone menu screen, where cheat codes must now be activated by calling unusual phone numbers. Undoubtedly one of the most useful and widely used cheat codes around GTA 4 was the max cheat for health, armor, and ammo.

Unsurprisingly, players were able to enter this cheat GTA 4 to instantly refill their health, armor, and all ammunition to their maximum values. With how notoriously hard parts of Grand Theft Auto The story of 4 could be without a comfortable amount of armor or ammo for quite a few weapons, this cheat code in particular is essentially a panacea for difficulties. A very direct and no-nonsense cheat, the utility that offers full health, armor and ammo makes this cheat code one of the best within the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Explosive Melee

When Grand Theft Auto 5 Originally launched in 2013, it revolutionized what could be expected from games as a whole, let alone from GTA titles. With unprecedented improvements in the scale and detail of GTA 5s map and sandbox, also set the conditions for massive improvements in what to expect GTA cheats.

While not massively indicative of what new achievements Grand Theft Auto 5 capable, the explosive melee cheat code the game featured was still something the franchise hadn’t seen before. The popular explosive melee cheat code adds an explosive shockwave to every melee attack the player inflicts. With this explosion triggered when hitting vehicles, people or dynamic environment, the possibilities for fun with this cheat code are endless making melee combat an extremely overwhelming and chaotic game element.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Invincibility

One of the possible cheats that immediately comes to mind when gaming is invincibility. No longer limiting the player to the threat of a frequency of enemies, collateral damage, or fall damage, Grand Theft Auto 5 proudly shows off his invincible cheat code.

To take full advantage of the GTA 5 and its single player sandbox without any limitations, the invincibility cheat code is invaluable. Not only does this cheat allow for massive amounts of experimentation without the fear of getting killed, but it also lends itself to being used in conjunction with many of the other cheats available within Grand Theft Auto which further increases the efficacy and pleasure of using it.

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