The Best Dash Cams You Can Buy

The Best Dash Cams You Can Buy

With more cars on the roads than ever before, dash cams are becoming an indispensable item in cars. You could work as a carpool driver. You could manage a fleet. You may want that extra safety blanket for your daily driving routine. Maybe you just want to capture funny dressing tables or start your own Russian dashcam-esque YouTube channel for the entertainment of others. We are not here to judge.

Whatever your reasoning, dash cams are incredibly useful, and having one can save you some money and headaches later on. Thanks to the advent of cheaper camera technology and their popularity, the market abounds with dash camera systems for all uses and budgets, making it easy to add one to your car.

What to look for when looking for dash cameras

Camera quality: Most if not all dash cameras record at least 1080p definition video. Today, however, most of the best-selling devices record 4K video in the front and 1080p in the back, and they aren’t particularly expensive either. Still, some cheaper, unnamed devices can just record 1080p. If you are a business and need the cheapest possible, that might be for you. Otherwise, just focus on the 4K video dashcams. Usually the more expensive 4K dashcams have better and bigger camera sensors resulting in better quality video, while the cheaper 4K units can sometimes “simulate” or upscale the imaging to provide a 4K-like image in terms of pixel dimensions. , but the actual definition quality may be missing. So it is important to refer to the comments in customer feedback.

Number of cameras: Basic dashcams have front-facing recorders, while dual-camera systems with a rear-facing unit aren’t available for much more money. Some rear-facing cameras are intended to record the passenger cabin for rideshare drivers, while others record the rear of the vehicle. Some dashcams have all three views, but those are usually the most expensive.

Feature set: Due to the saturated and competitive dashcam market, virtually all top-selling dashcams come with built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone connectivity, GPS for collision location and speed detection, gyroscopic sensors that can detect vehicle collisions and crashes, continuous “loop” video recording, super capacitor (actually an enthusiast, more compact battery), intelligent parking detection and monitoring and expandable storage. Stick to the popular units and you’ll get all these useful features.

GPS: Not all dashcam units come with integrated GPS. But as mentioned above, most of the best-selling ones do, and GPS is important to have and is one of the pluses of having a dashcam. In the event of an incident, GPS-enabled dashcams capture the specific location of the incident if equipped with accident detection. It can also record the speed in case you are wrongly fined for speeding.

Expandable Storage: Virtually all dashcams use microSD expandable storage on top of a small integrated memory unit. Depending on which dash cam you purchase, it is important to refer to the owner’s manual for recommended microSD specifications and maps for best results. Otherwise, 4K video recording may be hampered due to insufficient microSD read and write speeds. In most cases, an additional microSD card is not included.

Below are several great dashcam options to consider, whether you’re looking for flawless 4K video or just a solid option. But keep in mind that the list of solid options doesn’t end here.

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