The Best Ways for Car Dealers to Navigate Tough Market Conditions – Sean Gardner

The Best Ways for Car Dealers to Navigate Tough Market Conditions - Sean Gardner

Salespeople and managers are constantly looking for all the tools they can get as interest rates creep back up and other challenges affect consumers. Sean Gardner, Instructor and Sales Trainer for the Joe Verde Group

Gardner begins by saying that we can only control what we can control. And what car dealers can control is constantly improving the way they sell cars. Whether there is one car on the lot or 100, salespeople must consistently improve their knowledge and skills.

One of the most important things a salesperson can do is plan their day and leave time for self-improvement. Joe Verde has a list of core topics that salespeople can use to expand their knowledge. One is to be flawless in the sales process. Every customer wants a world-class experience and every car dealer wants the customer journey to be exceptional. It’s not just about price either. Customers want to build relationships and understand what they get for their money.

Gardner adds that from his perspective, there are three ways to sell cars. The no-sale approach focuses on answering questions and letting customers look around the showroom. Then there’s the hard-selling approach that can overwhelm the customer and put pressure on them. In the middle, however, is the professional sales method, which examines the customer’s wants and needs and then tailors presentations based on those wants and needs. Salespeople need to learn how to turn a vehicle feature that the customer is interested in into a benefit.

So, how can salespeople use the knowledge gained and apply it to a useful skill? Gardner says there are three steps to doing this; recognizing, duplicating and controlling. Take, for example, ‘yes questions’. A ‘yes’ question is simply taking any normal statement you would make and adding a question at the end that elicits a ‘yes’ answer from the customer. Once you’ve recognized what you want to work on, duplicate it with perfect practice. By doing this, salespeople can master the skills they need.

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