The Car Wizard’s Best and Worst Used Summer Convertibles

White Mazda Miata parked on a sunny road with bright green grass in front of the

“This is the season for fun convertibles. It was scorching temperatures in my state today, and this weather is making everyone dream of long rides with a breeze blowing by. It may seem like there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t buy a convertible, but what if you could score one for less? Read on for the best (and worst) cheap used summer convertibles.

What is the best convertible to drive?

Happy smiling Caucasian woman sitting in the passenger seat of a summer convertible with the top down

Driving a convertible | Wendell Fernandes via Unsplash

Whether you have big plans for summer beach adventures, a road trip across the country, or just love a good weekend drive, a convertible can be the perfect partner. Choosing the best convertible mainly comes down to personal preference.