The Car You Should Be Driving Based On Your Zodiac Sign — Best Life

The Car You Should Be Driving Based On Your Zodiac Sign — Best Life

Looking for life in the fast lane? The car you drive can say a lot about your lifestyle and personality. Maybe you are the type that likes to ride on the edge with a fast and furious sports car. Or maybe you are more economical and prefer a versatile vehicle that is a good long-term investment. Either way, deciding what to ride is a big step, with a lot of research and consideration. If you’re hoping to narrow down your options, astrologers recommend turning to the cosmos for guidance. Keep reading to find out which car best suits your zodiac sign.

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Lamborghini sports car
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You like to go fast, Ram. Playful and young at heart, you’re looking for a car that gives you that feeling of freedom and pleasure. As a fire sign, you’re used to controlling a room wherever you go – and you sure know how to make an entrance. It’s not all about showing off, though; you like to reward yourself after you have worked as hard as you have in your career. So it makes sense that the zodiac adventure leader would drive a sports car that is fast, striking and a true statement vehicle.

Generic Modern SUVGeneric Modern SUV
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You’re a bit more down-to-earth and practical than most, Taurus, so chances are you’re buying a car with two things in mind: safety and savings. However, you don’t want to settle for something substandard just because it can save you a few bucks. you have all the patience waiting for the right deal. For a functional vehicle that also appeals to your luxury taste, opt for a mid-sized SUV that grows with you. Whether you’re single or looking to start a family, this multi-purpose vehicle has everything you could wish for and more.

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crossover car redcrossover car red
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You’re always on the go, so you need a car that can keep up busy social calendar. As the sign of the twins, duality and flexibility are very important to you. Nothing frustrates you more than having to slow down and reassess your way forward; you’d rather zip ahead and discover it as you go. You need a car that can do it all, like a crossover. With the frame of a regular sedan and the space of a larger vehicle, these cars tend to be more stable and easier to drive than a traditional SUV – really the best of both worlds.

luxury sedanluxury sedan
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There’s more to you than meets the eye, Cancer. Of course you might be more emotional than othersBut being a crybaby isn’t your only claim to fame. Both in the boardroom and in the homely atmosphere you are a natural leader who knows how to create a hospitable environment for everyone. Like most aspects of life, you are looking for comfort and style when it comes to choosing a new car. Ditch the minivan the next time you go to the dealership, and opt instead for a luxury sedan with plenty of legroom and all the latest amenities. You will feel (almost) as cozy as in the comfort of your own home.

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drop top convertibledrop top convertible

Ready to arrive in style? Flashy and fashion-forward, you like to make a statement wherever you go. And can anyone really blame you for that? As a fire sign you have: a natural magnetic energy that attracts people. So it makes sense to choose a car with as much flair as your own personality. Grab the keys to a convertible – vintage or modern – drop the roof, turn on the tunes and hit the open road!

charging hybrid carcharging hybrid car
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Practical, reliable and economical, you are looking for a car that feels like an investment. And as an Earth sign with a love for nature, you’re more concerned with your environmental impact than driving the trendiest car on the lot. A hybrid model combines durability with comfort, reducing the need to refill the tank while giving you the flexibility to hit the road with all your friends in tow if you need to. In addition, it has a spacious interior with plenty of storage space, which will certainly appeal to your sensible side.

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white coupe on the public roadwhite coupe on the public road

You might be the sign of relationships, Libra, but you also have a deep love for luxury. As the sign ruled by romantic and aesthetic Venus, you are the type who wants to make a statement with your style. With a vibrant social life and plenty of events to do in your spare time, you need something chic yet practical, like a classic coupe. With clean lines and two seats, you have just enough room for you and your partner to drive away in style.

off road vehicleoff road vehicle
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Forget what everyone else is doing, you’re marching to the beat of your own drum, Scorpio. Moody and mysterious, you tend to play things close to the chest and like to take unexpected detours when the opportunity arises. What can you say? You like to make people guess. With all the great mysteries of life that you can see, you need a car that can take you to unknown parts. That’s why an off-road vehicle like the classic Jeep is just the right balance for your lifestyle.

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Generic compact black hatchbackGeneric compact black hatchback
iStock / Vladimiroquai

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to a little wild and carefree. While others are more concerned with impressing others, you’d rather buy a car that can handle your adventurous lifestyle, not to mention having enough space to store all your belongings the next time you decide to take a spontaneous trip. to make. Forget the bells and whistles, a simple hatchback is all you need to explore and enjoy life.

classic muscle carclassic muscle car
iStock / simonbradfield

People tend to see you as practical and mature, Ibex. You have a great eye for detail and as a result you play safe in most areas of life. But what’s all that hard work worth if you don’t let go and enjoy it every now and then? The next time you buy a car, why not indulge a little and finally get that muscle car you’ve been looking for since getting your driver’s license? Sure, it might not be the most practical, but everyone deserves to have a little fun!

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electrically charged vehicleelectrically charged vehicle
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you are a bit of a strange duck in the bite, Aquarius. Never settle for holding onto the status quo, you are more likely than anyone to doubt what you are being told. This gives you a progressive vision, so the car of the future is for you. A modern electric car is suitable for all types of travel, and with both practicality and durability in focus, you will enjoy it for years to come.

vintage station wagonvintage station wagon

You’re usually a pretty easygoing person, Pisces, so you’re not interested in anything flashy. As a creative sign, you want your personal items to have a sense of individuality. As long as it rides smoothly and gets you where you’re going (preferably the beach), you’ll be happy with just about any ride. But the perfect car also has enough space for all your friends and surfboards. A vintage station wagon checks all the boxes and embraces your nostalgic side. This is a ride that, just like you, is unique.