The Hornet Antimateria illustrates what the cars of the 2050s could be

red Hornet Antimateria

A unique perspective of what the sports car of the distant future could look like if personal transportation is still ground-based

a CGI shot of a red 2022 Hornet Antimateria in traffic

Automotive renderings are usually made based on an educated guess about what an upcoming model would look like or a classic “what if” scenario involving the revival of a model that was discontinued long ago. Because it’s fun, at least in the car sense, to consider hypothetical scenarios, we show you this unique take on the sports car of the future, done by Mexican designer, Alejandro Hernandez. The sports car combines both futuristic and classic design elements, and if you think that future high-performance vehicles will lack any character, this one might make you think twice.


A Supercar for the 2050s

a CGI frontal shot of a red 202 Hornet Antiamteria on a city street

Do you remember the Lexus Minority Report Concept that was featured in the 2002 movie starring Tom Cruise? It was advertised as a model year 2058, and looking at the Hornet Antimateria, we can’t help but think some inspiration comes from that. The same fictional model may in fact have inspired the electric successor to the Lexus LFA. The car’s staggered stance with greatly exaggerated wheel arches, especially at the rear, along with the forward-leaning cockpit make the car feel like a hornet ready to sting.

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The future of neo-retro design?

a CGI back shot of a red 2022 Hornet Antimateria on a city street

It’s safe to say that if a production version of the Hornet Antimateria ever comes out and looks like this, it would certainly live up to its name. The fictional sports car looks like it belongs over a period of at least 30 years. To accentuate this, the designer ‘placed’ the car in a panoramic view of an urban boulevard where it can be seen between existing vehicles such as the Tesla Model S and Porsche 911 (991) Carrera. The whole scene looks like it belongs in the Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted game, where the Hornet Antimateria is a special DLC car that you need to unlock.

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While very futuristic, there are some design features that might be a little too conventional, such as the headlights. This could be what retro-futuristic design looks like about 30 years into the future. It gets even more nostalgic when you look at the back. The tetragon-shaped LED taillights are very reminiscent of those on the original Lamborghini Countach.

In fact, the 1995 film Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone depicts a fictional representation of a red Countach hovering above the ground. Also reminiscent of the Italian supercar are the three centrally mounted exhaust points, which indicate that the Hornet has an internal combustion engine. The car clearly has a mid-engine layout. We can only guess which drivetrain motivates the Hornet Antimateria, but we can be sure it’s no slouch.