The Return Of This Buick Park Avenue Could Be A Hellcat Killer For The Dodge Charger

Buick Park Avenue Render

Once known for its luxurious, comfortable cars, the Buick brand has evolved into a portfolio of vehicles that hardly resembles what the brand was in the 2000s. With a lineup of crossovers exclusively in the United States, Buick still offers a wider lineup of models in China, including many of the roomy sedans that once defined Buick’s identity here in North America.

For those who prefer a luxury sports sedan over a crossover, a recent one cause by graphic designer @jlord8 of a well-known Buick sign, the Park Avenue, is sure to whet your appetite for forbidden fruit.

Buick Park Avenue Render

The Park Avenue render uses the Cadillac Escala concept car as a basis. Dating back to 2016, Cadillac describes it as: “A commanding presence that is both revolutionary and unmistakably Cadillac. The Escala Concept not only previews our future direction of innovation and design, but signals the revival of true American luxury.”

The Escala unsurprisingly inspired many of the design elements of upcoming Cadillac models at the time. In particular, the Cadillac CT5 and Cadillac CT4 draw a lot of design language from the Escala.

While we don’t know the engine choices for the display, the car should have no problem putting GM’s supercharged V8 under the hood. This would make it a worthy 4-door opponent against the Dodge Charger Hellcat.

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In this rendering, @jlord8 uses the attractive concept car to re-imagine Buick’s flagship sedan from the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s. The concept uses Buick’s updated, sharper logo, slim headlights and dark grille.

Strikingly absent are the heavy chrome design elements that typically define the Buick styling. The sedan has a sleek, coupe-like design with a c-pillar that slopes towards the rear of the car, which the single image on Instagram doesn’t fully reveal.

Forbidden Buicks: Park Ave Render and Wildcat Concept

The render has a low stance and dramatic design. It also has an overall look that would make it a good fit in the luxury sedan market of the modern age. Since the Escala served as the basis for existing Cadillac sedans, it’s not unrealistic to believe that Buick could build a similar car if they wanted to.

Buick has not offered a sedan in the United States since the departure of the Buick LaCrosse full-size sedan. With that in mind, the last generation Regal offered in the United States did not fit the definition of a traditional sedan with a sportback opening similar to the Volkswagen Arteon, Kia Stingeror Audi A5.

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While Buick currently only offers small and medium crossovers in the United States, the brand recently launched the Wildcat conceptan EV-imagined coupe with sharp lines and dramatic styling.

The concept, like this rendering, offers a glimpse into a hypothetical present or future in which Buick remains a player in the sports or luxury sedan segment. For now, sleek luxury sedan buyers will have to abide by offers from AcuraLexus or GM’s own Cadillac.