The Rubicon 392 could be the best Jeep ever, but there’s one problem:

Blue Jeep Rubicon 392

Jeep recently introduced the Rubicon 392, which appears to be the best Jeep yet. Although it is almost perfect, there is a problem in putting it back.

The Jeep Rubicon 392 is the ideal SUV in most respects, but this issue really gets in the way of its best-of-the-best title. Here’s a closer look at why the Jeep Rubicon 392 is the best ever (but still has a problem), as the RacerX YouTube Channel reveals everything.

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The best bits of the Rubicon 392

While the Jeep Rubicon 392 is the most expensive model in the lineup, there’s plenty of reason for it. The best things include a sturdy chassis, a 6.4-litre engine, huge 33-inch wheels, a rugged exterior, boxed shocks and beautiful exterior design cues. The front of the Jeep Rubicon 392 makes a statement, with an aggressive grille, bold 392 badging and a significantly large air intake.

Under the hood, a customer finds an engine bulging with American muscle. Its 6.4-litre engine can deliver 470 horsepower, which is a significant leap over other models. This particular kit, with its impressive mechanics and design elements, is truly for off-road riding.

Speaking of the design elements, the interior of the Jeep Rubicon 392 is also very nice. Most Wrangler models offer the bare bones. Nevertheless, this Rubicon 392 has beautiful details, such as the embroidered seats, drive selection buttons and leather upholstery.

Even driving the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 is a sensational experience. The overall driveability and interior comfort are impressive, making it sufficient even for a gearbox.

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The real problem with this jeep

The real problem with the Jeep Rubicon 392 is the price. Its starting price is around $75,000, which isn’t cheap. In addition, since there is not a huge production of it, this price also sees a mark-up on resale. Therefore, these models can run upwards of $90,000, which is far from what Jeep usually sells its Wrangler models for.

Unless someone is willing to pay close to six figures, or sometimes more, for a Jeep Wrangler, the Rubicon 392 may not be the wisest choice. It offers a lot for the price, but it’s much more expensive than most Jeep Wrangler customers will expect.

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A Closer Look at the Jeep Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept

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