The Tesla Model Y is the second best-selling car in China in November

Tesla Model Y best-selling car in Europe in September

The Tesla Model Y was the second best-selling car in China in November.

Tesla has had a fantastic Q4 in China so far. First Tesla announced that it had produced more than 100,000 units in China, making it a leading EV exporter. Then the Chinese car registration agency stated that Tesla sold more than 60,000 vehicles in November alone. Now the Tesla Model Y has been named the second best-selling vehicle in the country for November.

According to Dongchedi (a Chinese news site) and China’s “Multiplication Association”, reported by @Moneyball_R on Twitter, the Tesla Model Y was the second best-selling vehicle in China in November, selling 52,424 units. The Tesla fell just behind the BYD Song+ DM-i PHEV (56,637 units) and just ahead the Hongguang Mini EV (31,982 units).

Impressively, the Tesla Model Y sold far more units than its traditional leader, the Hongguang Mini EV, and even outsold cheaper petrol and hybrid options from Toyota (the Camry, RAV4 and Corrolla), Honda (the Civic, CRV , and Accord) and BYD. In addition, this increase in demand is unusual for Tesla in China, as indicated by Dongchedi’s chart, which shows that the Tesla Model Y is up 24 places from last month.

The other surprising statistic is the lack of demand for it Tesla’s other mass-market product, the Model 3. The Model 3 ranked 45th on the most recent leaderboard and sold 10,069 vehicles in November. This places the Model 3 between the Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota Wildlander (a slightly smaller RAV4 sold in Asian markets). And while the Model 3 also tops the leaderboard (up 130 places), it remains unclear why consumers chose the Model Y more consistently.

If it’s not already clear, China has taken full advantage of electric vehicle technology and is working towards 100% EV adoption faster than most countries on Earth. Along with this massively growing demand for the technology, Tesla has gotten Chinese demand and even giving discounts to keep demand strongissued two deals in this quarter alone.

As Tesla closes out the last quarter of the year, sales in China will likely be a major driver for the brand as it hopes to recover its share price, which has fallen to record lows this year. But it’s not obvious if Tesla will achieve its elusive goal of 500,000 vehicles produced in the quarter and 1.4 million units produced annually.

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The Tesla Model Y is the second best-selling car in China in November


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